I only intended to have Monday away from training, but I ended up having Tuesday off as well. I could give plenty of excuses but reality is I felt like I needed the rest. I’ll be swimming again tonight and may go for a gentle plod round campus at lunchtime.

I didn’t want to push my luck with the Steelman coming up, my hamstring was still a bit stiff yesterday so I went on the side of caution and gave it another days rest. In Cologne next week so won’t be doing any training from sunday onwards. May go long on the bike this coming Saturday but that depends on the weather, if its horrendous then I’ll probably not.

Looking forward to my swim tonight, but the prospect of swimming in the pool just doesn’t have the anticipation of OW. Oh well its my last swimming lesson before October as term finishes, will have to keep it up on my own over the summer vacation.


5 responses to “Recovery

  1. Sensible to rest Holgs – the taper will do you good and have you fresh for Cleveland.

    The words sensible and Holgs in the same sentence, how did that happen?

  2. I think all of us need to have a recharge, Sunday took a lot out of all 4 of us, not just physically, but mentally. OK I know we have more and bigger events on the horizon, But lets be sensible, No one has ever done any productive training whilst ill, or recovering. Not saying dont do anything, but just gentle, not sure about yours but my body needs to recover, and thrashing it running hard or long over the next couple of days isn’t going to help.

  3. Such sage advice Dave!

    Says she who went to track session on the back of a tummy bug just for a “gentle jog alongside the gang” and ended up doing 5 miles of fartleks and chucking up again!!!

  4. runners eh? not much good at taking advice.

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