Worth it for the view…

Went out on my usual 20 mile ride before work yesterday morning and struggled a bit, just didn’t feel like I was on top of things. Could have been the wind, could have been tiredness in my legs from the swimming session the night before or just one of those mornings. It was a pretty windy ride but at least it was dry which has been something of a rarity this week.

Stats: distance 20.01 miles    time: 1:15:16      Av speed: 16.1 mph   max speed: 35.5 mph

125 HR.

Then after work I went out with John for a somewhat hillier ride, we were instantly climbing as we turned left out of the University and started climbing on the Caton Road. Felt quite strong, although I struggled shifting onto my bottom ring, will take the bike in for them to look at as its just been serviced. Eventually when I got in a usable gear I got into a nice rythm and the long hill didn’t seem as bad as it usually does. Eventually after 7 miles of undulating riding we came to Quernmore crossroads and turned left onto the Jubilee Tower road. You have no choice here but to drop onto your lowest gear and just pump the legs, a lot of the time you have to stand up and really mash the pedals and pull up on the handelbars to keep your momentum going. Dave I really don’t think it would be possible to do this climb on a double. Got to the top and it started raining, yet there were no clouds, it was really strange. Amazing view back out over the bay to the Cumbrian hills, and south to Blackpool, it made all that hard climbing worth it for the view.

Fast descent all the way back towards Dolphinholme, the road from Abbeystead to Dolphinholme is a cyclists dream, its just pure speed as we sailed along at around 40 mph. Then climbed again back up past the resovoir and dropped back into Lancaster. I really enjoyed the ride.

Statistics: distance: 19.84 miles    time: 1:29:14    av speed: 13.3 mph 

max speed: 41.1 mph   AV HR: 133

And then I met Em and we went to The Mill at Condor Green for tea, to celebrate the clever clogs passing her M.A. in Library and Information Management. And the best bit was Viking was at work ha ha….


7 responses to “Worth it for the view…

  1. Almost sounds like a challenge !!

    It is nice when it all comes together tho.. Congrats to Em and yeah I thought of Vicky working last night, Just as I poured a Guinness !

  2. Hey, I was on a double last night. But it’s not exactly a standard roadie setup. 50/34 on the front and 11/34 megarange on the back. It gives me a lower lowest gear than Andy’s triple. Ahh, the tricks us oldies have to resort to to get up the hills along with the whippersnappers.

  3. It all beats the hell out of my 200 Decathlon special !!

  4. I apologise John, doing you an injustice and all that. So I guess that no matter what gear you have the moral here is: Its a bloody tough climb !

    And Dave if you fancy the challenge you are more than welcome to come up for a training ride mate, same goes to the others…

  5. Breed them tough up that part of the world !!

  6. as a Morecambe lad you should know…

  7. Aw thanks for thinking of me guys – ya shower of bastids!

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