Highest ever Heart rate…

Yesterday lunchtime saw the annual Departmental relay here at the University, after missing out last year we returned with a team this year. The fact that we were the second oldest team on paper didn’t deter us, especially Paul “The new lad” who was so very keen. I was the lead off man, looking round and thinking “bloody hell they all look very young and fast” so i just legged it. With about 200m of the 2/3 mile leg to go I was still shockingly in the lead, but then they came past me. I was utterly knackered as I handed over the baton to John, I just couldn’t get my breath. Thankfully my mate Rich met me with a bottle of Lucozade sport and I devoured it, I couldn’t speak for a minute or two. Strong runs by John, Ian and Paul saw us finish a very respectable 7th.

I couldn’t stop coughing all afternoon and struggled with my breathing, after doubling up on my inhalers I felt ok and ready for my swimming lesson.

I went along in my wetsuit and wore my HRM for the first time in the water just to see how hard I worked…I was in for a shock. At one point after a 100m sprint my HR was 209 !! The highest its ever been was 196 and that was in a track session 3 years ago when I was very fit. Is anyone elses heart rate considerably higher when they are swimming fast ?

It was an extremely tough but enjoyable session, and I burned my neck again despite having bodyglide on, probably just irritated Mondays wound.

Session details:

4 x 100m Front Crawl in 90 seconds with 30 secs rest in between each.

5 x 25m sprint in under 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest in between each.

5 x 100m Front Crawl in 90 seconds with 30 seconds in between each.

4 x 25m sprint in under 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest in between each.

2 x 100m Front Crawl legs only pushing a float in 2:30 with 30 seconds rest

2 mins treading water to finish.

I really felt like I’d worked hard and I managed to meet all the time targets set, I was still glowing red about an hour afterwards but my HR had dropped back down to about 48 when i was lying on the sofa watching the tv.


4 responses to “Highest ever Heart rate…

  1. I think that means that lying on the sofa watching telly is obviously the way to improve fitness.

  2. ha ha yeah it beats all this bloody training !

  3. I’m not sure Holgs, cos I have never worn the HRM in the water – however a guy at my Tri Club that I sometimes train with has a similar range – and he is as fit as you like – sub 5 hrs at Bala the other week.

  4. That makes me feel better then knowing that it can get up that high in the water.

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