taking it easy…

Well after my swimming session on Wednesday night I didn’t do any training until today, Monday morning. Thursday was a planned rest day and I had every intention of getting up early on Friday and Sunday mornings to go out on my bike, the alarm went off at 6am, and it was bouncing down and I had a headache so I just went back to sleep. The rest of the time was spent either visiting, being visited, working, and being at a wedding do. All poor excuses I know but all uttterly unavoidable.

I guess we all have very busy lives and sometimes you just have to snatch training time when you can, like an England cricketer I snatched at it but unfortunately dropped it ! Its the Chester Deva on Sunday, my first Olympic event, and I’m very nervous about it. The swim scares me, a lot, but its got to be done. And as such I’m off open water swimming tonight at Pine Lakes near Carnforth, first time the wetsuit will have been used in open water.

The rest of the week will see a couple of bike rides, a run, a wednesday lunch time race ( about 1 mile in the staff relay ), swim training and a swim session, then from Thursday probably resting for sunday.

Did 20 miles on the bike this morning, it was a tough ride as the wind seemed to be in my face all the way round and it was raining for a while. Thankfully my back felt fine. Just took it nice and easy.


distance: 20.01 miles   time: 1:14:06   av speed: 16.1 mph  max speed: 33mph

No HRM reading as my polar strap has snapped, oredered a new one last night so hopefully should be here in the next few days, hate doing any exercise without my HRM, it lets me know how hard I’m working and I can respond accordingly.


One response to “taking it easy…

  1. Enjoy the OW swim….. It is so very different (See my blog for my thoughts !)

    Don’t worry about doing a massive training swim, Just try and get used to the feel of being in the suit, I know you have done a couple of pool sessions, But it is so very different.

    Thursday at Salford was very windy, and there were some little waves (seemed massive tho when trying to swim thro them), So it was good to get a feel of OW rather than a pool

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