Chasing Lesley…

My friend Lesley does a bit of running, a finisher in the Great North Run, and numerous 10ks. She usually goes out running on a tuesday night with her friend and I go out with Andy. Andy is up in Aberdeen and Lesleys mate was busy so by the way of a quick chat on Facebook we decided to go out for a run.

Lesley is a pretty strong runner, but she lacks confidence in her own ability ( shes faster and stronger than she thinks ). I just said to her that I’d follow her pace as I didn’t want a fast run ( for me ). So we just did her usual 5km course round bowerham and the ridge, finishing with the very steep hill back up to the park. It was good to run along and catch up, talking about alsorts, triathlons, work, the wedding ( Lesleys one of Em’s bridesmaids ) etc…

Anyway we finished in just over 26 minutes which was quite a bit faster than Lesley usually does that run in – think she was pleased with that, and that was coming off a 23 min 5k in the Barrow Race for Life on Sunday. We tentatively agreed to meet at 8:30am on Sunday morning for a 5 miler, but then she remembered that we are out on saturday night for a friends wedding do…..told her I’d be fine as I’m not drinking, besides its a great way to get rid of a hangover…


8 responses to “Chasing Lesley…

  1. Hmmmm, we’ll see about Sunday morning!!!

  2. ha ha, I’ve told Janet at work and she’s going to keep an eye on your drinking…..

  3. Please keep an eye on him Lesley… Cos if he doesn’t recover properly, and ends up injuring himself again.. We’ll kill him !!

  4. ahhh such caring friends !

  5. Just do as you’re told and keep us on your side – and you’ll get a quiet(ish) life!

  6. Some of us are terrified that you will do yourself an injury, and wont make The Big Woody.

    And even more scared of Emma if you don’t make the wedding !!

  7. As Dave says!

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