notched up a 1000

I had a complete rest on Friday and saturday after making a pretty good comeback last week. Saturday I went up to Carlisle to watch the Cumbria Schools athletic championships, my dad was officiating, so I kept my mam company. It was interesting to watch and the standard seems to have declined somewhat over the years. It was a good day out, I caught the sun and made my old PE teacher feel old when he found out I was 34.

Sunday I was meeting Andy at 8:30 for a long steady ride. We were both supposed to be doing the White Rose but decided against it due to lack of fitness. We set off through Garstang and followed ( or tried to follow ) the Lancashire Cycle Route. Through Myerscough and the outskirts of Preston, kirkham, Blackpool and across the toll bridge back towards pilling and cockerham.

It was a brilliant ride, I got sunburnt again despite having factor 30 on, my back aches and still does but we just enjoyed ourselves as we steadily plugged away. We got lost a couple of times as we’d either missed sign posts or one confusingly had sent us in the opposite direction by about 5 miles.

I’m not sure how long we were riding for exactly because I tried to see the time on my computer when the distance read 50 miles and inadvertantly reset the bloody thing. I do remember that we were averaging 17mph. We covered the last 18.11 miles in 1:03:57 again at an average of 17 mph. So in total by the time I got home I’d done 68.11 miles, and it felt good apart from my back.

But the pleasing thing was the ride took me through the 1000 mile barrier since February 1st. My total now stands at  1045.1 miles.

Monday was spent having tests at the hospital, no results yet but unofficially all looks fine.

And finally BIG CONGRATULATIONS to John Krug who completed the gruelling 185km White Rose Classic on Sunday in the heat in just under 9 hrs !! You can read his very interesting Race Report here. Brilliant achievement, and very well done to him.


9 responses to “notched up a 1000

  1. Wah hay. Shard Bridge. I haven’t been across there for years. You’d have gone quite close to my Mums house in Cleveleys.

  2. it was nice riding round there, if I’d have known I’d have given her a shout.

  3. Sounds like you are still in decent shape, Perhaps the rest has done you some good…
    I will be expecting a tow when you pass me next Sunday

  4. you’ve got a 20 min start on me in the swim, I WON’T be passing you !!

  5. I thought I’d got a 30 minutes start !!!

    I get to chase MTB.

  6. oh well with half an hours start you’ll be showered and changed by the time I finish !
    Get the kettle on !

  7. I’ll just see you boys sometime at the end. having bad swims at the moment – seem to have lost the whole idea of how to do it right, left the pool in tears this morning after my mile, which took 56 seconds longer than normal. Just can’t seem to get any of it right, but like everything, I know this will pass. Just wish it hadn’t been two bad swims on the run, and just before Chester. Could do without losing confidence now.

  8. you’ll be fine pet, and 56 seconds over the course of a mile if things are going wrong isn’t a major loss. if things went right you’d probably be two minutes quicker.

  9. 56 seconds !!! Wish I could be consistent enough to worry about less than a minute.

    You will be fine….. You swimming at Manley again this Sunday ?

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