1st mile of the year…

Well ahead of Chester in less than 2 weeks I thought I’d better have an attempt at swimming a mile, 64 lengths of the university pool. So off I toddled in my lunch hour, it was pretty quiet so I had a lane to myself.

I just took my time and plodded away with out any stops, I didn’t get disheartened when people in the lanes next to me kept swimming away from me. This swim was more of a confidence thing to let me know that I could get back in the water and have the stamina to do that sort of distance. I didn’t feel breathless and I just casually swam away, I think I may panic a bit in a race and use up too much energy too soon – got to work on pacing, but I’ll see if that happens at Chester.

 Anyways 1 mile in 36:36 which is pretty good I think. I got out of the water feeling quite fresh, a little bit of a headache but thats normal for me.

And I just want to say to MTB don’t panic because you had a couple of bad swims, we all have them, even olympic swimmers. At the end of the day if you lose a minute or two in the swim, its not going to stop you from finishing. A minute or two lost over the course of an ironman is nothing, you just have to keep plugging away. Keep your chin up girl and think how far you’ve come this year, you couldn’t swim at Christmas and here you are now getting upset because you’ve lost 56 seconds over the course of a mile !!! You’re doing brilliantly !


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