The perfect end to a good day…

I was still on a high from my lunchtime run when I met John after work and we headed out to do some hill climbing ahead of his race on sunday. The sun was shining and it was a really nice night.

We went from the university up past Forest hills towards Dolphinholme, then on towards Abbeystead before tackling the ascent of Jubilee Tower from the opposite side. This was the first time I’d attempted it from the “East Face” and it was a long steady climb with John giving me some really helpful advice about my gearing. Got to about 300m from the top and John said ” Right middle ring and floor it” ……..and he was gone, I responded but I was left for dead. Made it to the summit and unfortunately it was too hazy to see all the way across the bay. We then descended down the steep side, I think I must have wore my brakes out a bit as we hit 40mph into a double hair pin, but it was brilliant fun ! Back through Quernmore and Long Lane to the university and then on to home.

Got home and this is very adventerous for me, I had steamed asparagus for tea. Never been a big veggie eater but I’m making a real conscious effort to seriously refine my diet – lots of fresh salads and steamed vegetables with fish and turkey. Last nights tea was a grilled turkey breats with a whole grilled green pepper and steamed asparagus. I’m cutting back on the amount of carbs I eat to try and kick start the fat burning. But eating all this good stuff is also a factor of why I’m training well, I think.

Also replied to text from Viking ( in the dominican republic ) telling me a sub 20 min 5k is only taking it easy if your name is Paula Radcliffe !!

Walked up to work to meet Em at 9pm and went for a walk together the long way home…the perfect end to a good day.

Ride stats :

distance: 19.24 miles   time: 1:24:26    13.6 av spd    40.2 mph max speed   123 av hr

 ps: Good luck to John ahead of Sundays 180km of the WRC, I’m sure you’ll do great.


8 responses to “The perfect end to a good day…

  1. Hmmm – your definition of easing back in is DEFINITELY different to mine – still, you know your body!!! :o)

    Just got back in from my LBR and am quite pleased – had planned what I know to be a four hour route, but it only took 3 cos I went quicker than I thought I could!! Also had a first – broke the speed limit by 2 mph in a 30! Great fun.

  2. cool good for you on breaking the speed limit, its one of my ambitions to try and get a camera to flash me on my bike !

    I’m having a rest day you’ll be pleased to hear.

  3. Yep Different idea of cutting back..

    asapargus roll it in some olive oil, roll it round a very hot griddle pan, and then serve with some parmiesan cheese grated over it… Yummy

  4. yeah thats what Em said as well, I’d never cooked or ate it before so I just steamed it.

  5. I do a frittata with asparagus…

    parboil some new potatos, and slice, drop some asparagus into boiling water for 2 minutes, then cut into small pieces.
    But asparagus and spuds in a large frying pan on a low heat.
    Beat 4 eggs with some goats cheese, and chop in some chives. Pour over the spuds and asparagus.
    Cook til it starts to set,, then bung it under the grill to brown the top

  6. that sounds nice actually – might try it sometime.

  7. Quick to do as well..

    Suzie doesn’t get in til gone 9 on a Tuesday, so I have 4 or 5 meals that iI can cook whilst she is grabbing a shower and taking her “eyes” out

  8. Swapping recipes, boys? (raises one eyebrow…) :o)

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