Medical mystery solved ????

I cycled home from work last night and just relaxed ahead of my swimming lesson, although I’d swam on Tuesday I was still nervous as this would be a greater effort. I arrived on poolside and my coach, Peta started taking the mickey about me being a stranger etc….and then felt dead guilty when I told her why. I explained about the possible causes, one of which being an allergic reaction to Chlorine. She went and checked and as there had been an “accident” in the pool they’d used chlorine in the pool on the last day that I swam before feeling ill. This and the fact that I felt ill in the chlorine pool at Skipton is now pointing towards an allergy, I’ll have to mention this when I’m having my tests done on Monday. Very interesting though.

Anyways it was a tough session of constant leg drills ( my legs aren’t strong in the pool ) followed by arm drills. Really enjoyed the session but it must of wore me out as I slept through my alarm this morning and just had to come straight to work on my bike.


2 responses to “Medical mystery solved ????

  1. Hopefully that’s “all” it is – fingers crossed!

  2. blimey – that would explain it!!

    I guess you just need to chck with the pool whether they have used chlorine every time you swim!! Could be a bit of a bugger – or you could always only swim in OW!!!!

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