Flying this morning….

I’m in such a good mood now, its amazing what a bloody good training ride can do for you. I was up at 6 am, made my salad for lunch, fed the cat and made sure he was still in the house when I left – not having another repeat of monday morning. Out the door at 6:30 and headed off on my usual 20 mile loop through the lanes to work. Although the sun was shining there was quite a biting wind.

Since I got my bike serviced last week, and the gear cables replaced, the gear changes are so much smoother meaning I can keep my speed up, and maybe just maybe I’m getting fitter. Now I know you’ll all be reading this and thinking “Holgs you should be easing back into things” but I swear I wasn’t completely pushing it, I felt comfortable and my breathing was great. Which is why I’m amazed that I took a good 3 minutes off my best ever time to finish the 20.09 miles in 1:07:32 at an average speed of 17.6 mph ! And its not the flattest of rides. The first 10 miles was done in 30:23. The second 10 miles is hillier, and therefore slower.

And that was on an empty stomach, I don’t have anything to eat ( only black coffee ) till after my ride, in an attempt to burn off stored body fat, so just had my go bar for breakfast and I’m ready to face the day. Very pleased with myself…


distance: 20.09 miles   time:  1:07:32    Av speed: 17.6mph   Max Speed: 34.2 mph

Av Hr: 148


4 responses to “Flying this morning….

  1. Hmmm… *drums fingers on desk*…

  2. sat here grinning at you drumming fingers…..honestly I was taking it pretty easy, think the speed was the combination of thinner tyres, proper inflation and smoother gear changes.

  3. lol

    you can justify all you want holgs baby – she don’t care!!

    Glad you enjoyed it but please be sure to put enough rest into your programme for the next few weeks?


  4. I will don’t worry……I’ll have a day off soon, and yesterday was a pretty easy day.

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