I survived…

Well I’d been really nervous all morning because I’d psyched myself up to go swimming this lunch time – the quickest way to find out if it was that that caused my hospitalisation.

Thankfully I survived and swam 24 lengths ( 600m ) in 16:33 which is pretty slow compared to most people but I swam so relaxed, never once felt breathless and loved every minute of it. I could of continued but I didn’t want to push my luck, will go again tomorrow as I have a lesson.

With time running out before Chester I need to build up my swimming stamina again…from almost scratch ! That’s going to be tough



5 responses to “I survived…

  1. Andy, I dream about swimming that well, it took me nearly that long to swim 400 at Skipton!
    When you are eventually fully recovered my mate Chris Parry (Mr Cockerham tri) said over a couple of pints at the village hall on Saturday thet you(we) could train in the lake!!! I can’t wait!

  2. You’ll be fine – you’ve built up your base over winter, you’ll soon be back up to full strength!

  3. Andy – brilliant – thats great, really need to practice OW swimming, and it’ll do you good as well. Get back off your hols and we’ll go.

    thanks MTB, still scares me the swimming. more mental I think than anything.

  4. Andy, My ‘I can’t wait’ comment in relation to the OW swim offer was a poor attempt at sarcasm (something I’m normally fairly proficient at!) and even though I had ‘inbibed’ on Saturday night, I still had the clarity of judgement to tell Chris Parry that I would only be swimming in the lake at the event and not before! Nevertheless, Chris was serious in his offer so we’ll get it sorted when I get back. I’ll come and watch, maybe have a paddle or skim stones or something

  5. ha ha great, I can swim and you can throw stones at me !! Might make me faster….

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