Dead heroes are just…..Dead !

I remember reading that somewhere over the weekend, I’m not sure if it’s a quote from a film or not. Its been playing on my mind a lot given the fact that I’ve been ill in the last few weeks, only just started training again and was still planning on riding in the White Rose Classic this weekend. For those that don’t know the White Rose is 130 km of tough climbing through the Yorkshire Moors. I’ve been looking forward to it and have been entered for over 6 months BUT lets be realistic here, I’m not fully fit, it would kill me and I’d probably set myself back a few weeks. I’m of the sheer bloody minded opinion that I would finish it but it would take too much out of me. Too much too soon – maybe if I’d had another couple of weeks of hills in my legs it would have been possible. So sense has got the better of me, no point trying to be a hero and ended up dead, thinking bigger picture for this year.

So am going to use the weekend to get some training miles into my legs and try and get in racing condition for Chester. Good luck to John Krug who is tackling the monster hills of the 180km race, I’ve no doubt he’ll do it, he can really shift and climb on a bike and he’s been putting the training in.

My mind was finally made up for me last night as I went out for a ride straight from work. I tried to get in a few hills ( which would be speed bumps compared to the WRC ) and although I enjoyed it, I wasn’t as strong as I was a month ago. Went up round Dolphinholme, Scorton, Garstang, Winmarleigh, Thurhnam and Cockerham, was a nice evening and it felt really good to be back out on the bike.

So pissed off about missing Sunday but at least I’ll be in one piece on Monday when I go to the hospital for lots of tests….now there’s something to look forward to !!

Ride Stats:

Distance: 25.02 miles     Time: 1:38:06    Av Sp: 15.1 mph   Max Sp: 42.8 mph

Av Hr: 130


6 responses to “Dead heroes are just…..Dead !

  1. Probably the wise (though painful) decision I think. Very nice of you to say I can climb but compared to the guys I’ve been cycling with …… , I’m always struggling at the back when with them. It will be my longest ride by another 50 km or so and I’ll be taking it very easy, the aim being simply to finish.

  2. I think – although I’m sure lots will have the same reaction! – I was the most shocked by this, but I think it’s the right decision.
    Plus had forgot your tests were Monday – that could have been interesting!

  3. John – sure you’ll do brilliant mate, looking forward to a race report on your blog.

    Em – almost married and I can still still shock you, there’s life in me yet ha ha.
    And I’m certain my test results will show up nothing.

  4. I’m sorry you are missing out, Although why anyone would get excited about going to Yorkshire.. Teehee

    Seriously, Get fit and properly better before you launch into any major training… Just might give us old bu$$ers a chance

  5. Andy just forget about Sunday there’ll be plenty more opportunities to ride ‘sportives’. A steady sensible ride this Sunday then ?

  6. yep that sounds good.

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