That DARN cat.

Well my planned bike ride this morning was ruined by our loveable feline, Crosby. Got up at 6:15 with plans to do a very easy 20 miles just to see how I felt being back on the bike. Got my bike out and Crosby tried to escape onto the front street, managed to shoe him back into the yard and went out the front. As I was putting my helmet on the bloody cat walzes down the street towards me, he’d legged it up the back wall and come out about 3 doors up !! Its a busy road and he knows he’s not allowed out.

So I try to catch him and get him back in, no chance. He legs it under the parked cars and then goes into the next street, with me chasing him for 20 minutes !! Eventually I go back in, wake Em up and get her to come and get HER cat ! He comes straight to her she picks him up but then he wiggles free and legs it again. He doesn’t respond to a treat stick, after 10 more minutes Em disapears into the house. She reappears with a can of tuna and a fork, tapping the tin she gets Crosby to walk next to her all the way back down the street and straight into the house !! By this time almost 40 minutes have transpired !! So if the moggy thinks he’s getting any “knee time” tonight from me he’s sadly mistaken !!

So basically only had time to come to work and a lap of campus.

distance: 5.53 miles   time: 24:07   av speed: 13.8  top speed: 31.6 mph    AV HR: 126

Felt good, if a little weird, to be back on the bike. And its running much smoother since I had it serviced on Friday with new gear and brake cables! Will test it a bit more after work.


3 responses to “That DARN cat.

  1. Nice one Crosby – think he might have been thinking that three sessions so close together might not be considered taking it that easy… :o)

  2. he’s still in trouble…..

  3. lol

    ahhhh now I understand what all the other ‘stuff’ is about!!!

    Glad you are back out there hon!!

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