One foot in front of the other….

Well after almost 3 very frustrating weeks away from training because of my hospitalisation I tentatively made my return on Saturday morning. We were staying down at Em’s mams in Crosby ( Liverpool ). Went and got my hair cut at 8:30 and was out running at 8:45, doesn’t take long for my sort of haircut.

It was a floriuos morning and extremely hot, I actually caught the sun on my face as I plodded around a 5 mile circuit. I took it very very easy averaging over 9 minute miling to finish in 48:32. My breathing felt perfectly fine, I wasn’t struggling at all, the most difficult thing was forcing myself to run at that pace. I was in such a good mood afterwards, its really good to be back.

I went out again yesterday afternoon around the hills of Hala, felt strong, so just let myself run naturally and finished the 5 miles in 38:20, 10 minutes quicker than the day before. Again I didn’t feel out of breath and could have gone further but I’m taking small steps and just putting one foot in front of the other………for now.


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