Feeling much better.

Haven’t written anything for over a week as I’ve had bugger all to report on, unless its watching Fern and Philip ( yes, I know its sad, but it was on and I couldn’t be bothered getting up to change the channel ).

I’m feeling much better, my breathing is fine and my peak flow results are consistently between 650 and 720 ( which is good, considering they’d dropped to 300 ). I’ve listened to everyones good advice and intentions and none nothing at all, no biking, running etc…. I felt good yesterday so managed a walk around the park, and purposely included the hills and I felt fine. My only problem this week has been a pulled muscle in my back, did it on sunday when I swept some leaves up in the yard – hurt like hell for a few days, and I couldn’t straighten up properly but after walking and doing some stretching yesterday it feels much better !

So there you go, haven’t been up to much at all except reading ( recommend Jane Tomlinsons new book ” you can’t take it with you” – about ironman and cycling across America ), surfing the net, planning New York honeymoon jaunts, watching DVD’s, and annoying the cat.

Hopefully get back running on Saturday with a very gentle plod along Crosby beach, couple of bike rides and a swim in the week and then hopefully be in one piece to very gently drag myself ound the 130km of the White Rose Classic ( decided to give the full 180km a miss after recent events ). At the hospital on the 11th June for full function tests on my lungs and then I’ve got two weeks of getting in half decent shape for Chester. I’m sure the amount of fitness I’ve lost will see me struggling there especially in the swimming ( have to mentally get over that, but actually scared of going swimming now ! ).

Anyways enough waffling, I’ve got to go put the washing out and do some ironing – thats the closest I am at the moment to being an ironman !!


10 responses to “Feeling much better.

  1. Just make sure your “come back” is gentle, you – plenty of nag left in us lot yet!!

  2. as if it would be anything else ??

    Holgs flutters eyelids all innocent like and polishes his halo !

  3. i have to agree with MTB on this one mr holgate never mind fluttering the eyebrows you ugyl bugger cos it dont wash ….make sure your healthy before you start legging it around like a looney again….
    im intent on being a best man for your wedding not a bearer for your funeral…

    nice to hear your getting better….just take it easy theres always other races…

  4. excuse me are you taking loonies in vain?

    Nothing wrong with being a Loon is there now ;o)

    Actually that best man talks a lot of sense (and you don’t hear that very often do you now!!).

    Glad you’re back on the road – just please take it easy or my nag sensors will also be set off!!

    xx The real Loon!!

  5. “the best man talks sense ”

    You haven’t met him yet !!

    I’m taking it very easy as per everybody, and I mean EVERBODIES instructions.

  6. I like your best man – someone agreed with me!!!

  7. He’s a bloke with a pulse of course you liked him !! Teehee

    Good to see you’re on the mend Holgs..

    Now must pop over to my blog and do some updating

  8. Andy, Regarding the WRC there is also an 80km option available ?

  9. You know I think you are b….y mad to even think about doing the White Rose, even when we said maybe the 80k, maybe you should think again, don’t want to have to tell you again!!!!! Surrogate Mum talking.

  10. I’m with Surrogate Mum!!!!

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