Thank you

I know they won’t read this but just wanted to say a big thank you to all the doctors and nurses who looked after me. I come across as being rather nonchalont about it all because I feel perfectly fine now but I was in a hell of a state on Friday.

Big thanks to my G.P Chris for sending me to hospital and for ringing my mam on Sunday to enquire how I was – how bloody good is that !!

And thanks especially to Em, and my mam and dad who I think I stressed out firstly by being in there, and then by being a moody pain in the arse and threatening to discharge myself etc…. And to friends and family that sent cards, texts or rang to see how I was – I really truely appreciate it all and just want to say THANK YOU.


4 responses to “Thank you

  1. You (young man) need taking in hand…..

    Dear God!

    You scared the beejesus out of me! Glad that you are home – and that Em has you under lock and key – bet you really scared her!! Love you both lots


  2. Well, I’m devastated for you, but I’m really heartened to see that you are taking such a sensible and cautious stance – at least you are now in “the system” and therefore are on the way to being fixed up.

    God willing you will be fit for TBW – but if you aren’t, well in the grand scheme of things the only important event for you this year is your wedding to Mrs Holgs – and we will be with you for that, no matter what. Okay, we might want to throw a few punches your way instead of confetti.. (and there is a certain delicous irony in you NOT doing it!!)

    Seriously Holgs – you take good care, do all they tell you to do.

  3. Thanks Ladies, no worries I AM taking it easy and I will not be doing anything daft. Thankfully its not the training that caused it – looking very much like an allergic reaction to something – probably chlorine in the Skipton pool that triggered it all off.
    I’ll be there on Sept 1st – just means I might not be as fit or as fast as I thought I would be. Am aiming to be back for Chester.

  4. Just take it easy ….. I know a delightful Doctor who can get men to do the most unimaginable things, Just by getting a sharp instrument or two out !!!! You would hate me to set her on you.

    If you don’t make TBW to comete, you will be perfect for screaming abuse at… Oh Just thought, We were going to do that anyway.

    (PS Don’t do yourself an injury watching “Girls Aloud” videos… Wanna borrow my Kylie collection ?)

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