From Ironman to Ironlung…

Is what my cousin wrote on my get well card this weekend, it amused the hell out of me as I lay in a hospital ward that could have passed for an asylum or Gods waiting room.

I took ill again last week, and steadily got worse and couldn’t breathe properly by Wednesday night. Em wanted me to go to casualty but I rather stubornly refused on the basis that I was seeing the doc on Friday. I continued getting worse and my doctor immediately sent me to hospital ( bit of a shock, thought I’d get some antibiotics and sent on my way. ) I was admitted and put on oxygen and had what felt like a gallon of blood taken out of me, ECG, chest x-ray…..the full MOT !! I baffled the doctor ( who lives at Glasson Dock and goes running on the coastal path ) so she called in a consultant. They scared the shit out of me when they said they were considering a blod clot on my lung ( there goes my honeymoon !! ) but thankfully it wasn’t that. They then said my breathing test results was the opposite to asthma and actually mirrored asbestos poisoning – but ruled that out when I explained that I worked in a fairly modern building. So they still had no ideas and said they’d monitor me over the weekend.

It was entertaining on the first ward, they brought an alcoholic who kept screaming that she was getting attacked by spiders and white snakes !!

Got moved upstairs and I was the youngest on the ward by about 50 odd years. The guy next to me was 91 and was wide awake all night having conversations with his mother. The guy opposite was singing all night or screaming about losing 36 men and shooting and kicking the german. I felt sorry for them but I got no sleep at all and was very irritable ( apologies to Em, and my parents who bore the brunt of my miserable frustration ! ).

Managed to read 4 magazines ( 220, Cycling Plus, Empire, PSP Magaizne ) and Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs ( very very good forensic murder mystery ). I was that bored I also read Todays Golfer and I have no interest in Golf – however I can tell you that the new Nike driver is the one to buy if you have £300 to spare. I even read all the labels and instructions on my drugs, the one for my inhaler was the funniest thing I’ve read – ” Taking this medicine may cause you to collapse, if you do please contact your doctor “!!

Anyways after seeing 4 more doctors on Monday they were still non the wiser, the ENT consultant is trying to figure me out along with the Respiratory consultant. They’ve sent me on my way with some more inhalers, and I have to record my lung performance twice a day ( Friday it was 300 and this morning it was 680 !!! ). My voice still keeps going and it feels like someone is gripping my throat tightly ( sure there’s plenty out there that would volunteer ) but I feel fine and fit.

I have to go back in 4- 6 weeks for full tests on my heart, lungs and to have my throat investigated. I think its probably been a virus, but I also have to find out what chemicals they use in Skipton and Lancaster pool because I was taken ill in the days after swimming in pools !

I’m not allowed to do any training for 2 weeks and then only have to see how it goes, the consultant did suggest that I should not do anything at full speed until we have the results from the tests that will be done in 6 weeks thus ruling out The White Rose and Chester tri. I’ll take this week and next off and then see how it goes……and I have to consider that if the results aren’t good that I’ll only be looking at one major event this september and it won’t involve yellow lycra !!

Watch this space….


3 responses to “From Ironman to Ironlung…

  1. Glad to see you up and about Mate.. Gave us all a nasty turn there…

    Just take it easy with the training… You are a lot fitter than you think, So don’t rush.

    I was laughing on Monday night, That when I ran my first half marathon, I didn’t drink for a month before hand, no caffine for a week, and only pasta for the 3 days before.. And it took me 2hrs 18…. Last week I trained every day, Full swim training on Saturday night (around 70 lengths) half a bottle of decent red watching TV, and bumbled round Chester in 1:59….

    There is no need to panic.. gently does it back into action.

    And I’m wearing yellow lycra the first 2 Saturdays in September no matter what !!

  2. Ahh well, just stick with open water swimming, only Wiles disease and pissed off pike and swans to worry about.

  3. obviously a lot fitter now then Dave. Good fashion choice for September.

    ha ha John – yep pikes and swans definitely seem like the easier option after the past few days !!

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