Wheezy and wet

As most of you know I’ve been suffering of late with my chest and throat and I should have stopped taking my steroid inhaler at the weekend but still not feeling brilliant so I’m still taking it. Will go and see the doc again next week if its not cleared up. So yesterday I was feeling a little wheezy, so when I met Andy for our run we decided to cut it a little short from 6 miles to just over 5 miles.

It was a brilliantly clear night with great views out across the estuary and up to the Cumbrian hills although there was a deceptively chilly wind after we turned round to run back. Both of us were running along saying we didn’t feel brilliant, and that we hoped to be fit for Sunday ( Andy is doing the Manchester 10km and I’m doing the Rossendale tri ).

Got back to the car feeling a bit knackered but it still felt like we were running steady and consistant without too much effort. Was thinking it’ll be good to see what I can run like when I’m feeling fit but the mile splits were pretty good :

mile 1: 7:51

mile 2: 7:49

mile 3: 8:23

mile 4: 7:52

mile 5: 7:44

Total time: 39:42   Total distance: 5.05 miles   av HR: 135

This morning I was out on my bike at 6:30am, it was dry when I set off although the roads were wet because of the rain in the night. Got about 5 miles into my ride at Cockerham and the heavens opened, we are not talking rain, we are talking full on downpour ! Didn’t have my over shoes on so my shoes just filled with water and I couldn’t feel my feet by the end of the ride, was drenched to the skin. Still enjoyed it though, its difficult not to enjoy a ride ( when my tyres stay infalted ! ).

Talking of tyres, it was the first time I’ve ever ridden on fully inflated tyres ( thanks to my new pump – old one was faulty ). What a difference it makes, found it much easier. However, and some of you more technical people will be able to put me straight on this, it was a lot bumpier ! Think this was because I’d changed from 25C tyres to 23C tires, am I right in thinking that the thinner the tyres the faster you go but also the vibrations increase ?


distance: 20.59 miles   time: 1:10:46   av speed: 17 mph  max speed: 33:00

av HR: 132

Going to spend the rest of the day drying out.


7 responses to “Wheezy and wet

  1. Dunno about technical, but surely if your tyres are fully inflated they are harder and therefore you’re going to feel the bumps in the road more? Like having firmer suspension?

  2. Yeah I suppose so, I did think that as well but I think that thought had got washed away.

  3. Smaller contact patch with the road so less resistance, and better handling.. Well thats the theory !

    I usually ride on 23’s, tried a bike last year on 18’s scared myself stupid.

    Even having 25’s at the reight pressure will reduce the contact patch so speed you up. What pressure are you using ? I tend to use 115 at the back and 95 at the front.. The softer front stops my hands going numb

  4. Both on 110 psi, before that they must have been on about 80.
    Yeah my hands did feel a bit numb this morning from the vibrations.

  5. I’m happy to trade speed for comfort !!

  6. It’s definitely a more comfortable but everso more sluggish a ride on 25mm over 23mm tyres because you have a bigger air pocket between you and the road. There were some photos of the pro bikes in the Paris / Roubaix and may of them had 25’s (+ double wrapped bar tape) on to cope with the sections of pave on the route. Carbon forks are also meant to take a lot of the vibration out but I can’tsay I’ve noticed much of a difference

  7. Yeah my bike has Carbon forks as well but again I’m not convinced that they make a massive difference.

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