Lunchtime swim

Just been for a quick ( well mediocre ) swim in my lunchtime. Still struggling and feeling a little breathless in the pool. Managed to do 20 lengths ( 500m ) in 13:40. I know its not particularly fast but I think I need to build my stamina up again and grabbing upto 1/2 hours swimming twice a week in my lunch hour might do it. When term finishes in June, I should be able to make it 4 times a week as the opening hours change. 

Have got some open water training sessions lined up with Preston Tri starting next monday night as well, scared, but looking forward to that. First time in a wet suit outdoors.

Does anyone else get headaches when they’ve finished swimming in the pool, I always seem to get a headache as soon as I get out of the pool ? Maybe I’m just weird? Not sure if its because I’ve over exherted myself ? But I never get them after a run or a ride ?


5 responses to “Lunchtime swim

  1. goggles a bit tight ?

    Still need to sort out some open water stuff. I haven’t been in the water in my wet suit yet. Well apart from the changing room I haven’t been in my wetsuit full stop !

  2. Water on the brain?

  3. Nah – you’re just weird. You must be. I mean, this was your idea.

    (By the way, I’ll be sending you my Physio bill when this is over; so far the damage to body comprises (1) both shoulders (2) left knee (3) left hip. Thanks for that!)

  4. Could be the goggles, I’ll try adjusting them.

    MTB – not guilty, your shoulders were an existing problem and the hip and knee injuries are caused by ultra running etc… thats Vikings fault !!

  5. Funny that – not a bit of pain in my shoulders for 40 years tho…

    (And the hip was a paragliding accident that put me in a wheelchair in 1994)

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