Plenty of practice…

I met Andy at 9 am on saturday morning and we were heading out towards Silverdale for a couple of hours of hillish riding. It was a pretty decent ride, pretty cold but the rain was holding off.

We stopped for a coffee in Silverdale and as we were coming out it started to drizzle, it was at that point that I noticed my tyres seemed a little spongey. Quick blast with the pump and we were on our way. Got about 3 miles down the road and my back one had punctured, start to change it and the heavens opened on us. Got it sorted and set off again. Must have got 10 minutes down the road and it went again, found a thorn in the tyre, changed it and off we went again. Also put air in the front tyre which just wasn’t holding onto any. Now we were drenched and just heading home as I’d used my spare tubes and Andys, just hoping my tyres would get me home. Thankfully they did.

Got back and both  my tyres were virtually flat, the front one the valve snapped in two as I unscrewed the cap and green slime poured all over me, my bike and the cellar floor ! The back tube was punctured as well, pumped air into the tube and it just gushed out of the valve as well. Was a really bad day for tyres. Andy must hate riding with me, I always puncture and he never does. So it was my fault he was late home.

Statistics for the ride: was slow because of riding on spongey tires !

time: 2:22:54      distance: 33.58 miles   av speed: 14.1 mph   max speed: 36.3 mph

Av Hr : 106 ( probably 200 when changing tyres ).

I couldn’t do anything about my bike on Saturday because it was a quick shower and then jump in the car to go help my mam and dad fit their kitchen.

Sunday woke up and had a really sore throat again ( still not right today ) so decided not to do anything as the weather was awful anyway. Went to Halfords to get new innertubes, had the correct ones and then walked out of the store, looked at the packets and convinced myself that I’d bought the wrong ones. Went back in and changed them then walked home to work on the bike. Yep the bike numpty had bought the wrong ones, 700 x 28-32c when my tyres are 23c !! What confused me was the correct size tubes came up on the till as MTB tubes and the wrong ones scanned as road tubes ! So have to go to Halfords this week and change them. Had two old patched up tubes at home so I put them on the bike instead and they are fully inflated to 105 psi and have stayed up !

Anyways the one good thing about all the tyre changing this week is that I’m getting plenty of practice….


6 responses to “Plenty of practice…

  1. You must be tyred of it tho..

    (I’ll get me coat)

  2. it’s probably for the best !

    Yep was seriously p*ssed off about it on saturday, spoiled a good ride but best to get all these things out of the way in training and not in races !
    My worst nightmare would be this happening in ironman !!

  3. All good practice !
    Think I’m currently carrying 2 tubes and a puncture kit in my saddle bag !

  4. I generally carry 2 tubes, although I am thinking of getting a bigger tourist type saddle bag to carry half a dozen tubes and a track pump for when I go riding with Holgs! He has become a virtuoso performer with the Var tyre lever!
    Joking aside, it’s just hard luck and it didn’t spoil the ride.

  5. Your a bloody jinx!

    You need a support vehicle driving alongside you on your bike sessions…have a word with Em I am sure she won’t mind!

  6. Don’t need a support vehicle, I’ve got my own domestique in Andy H.

    Only joking mate.

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