Why ?

Why did I set the alarm for 6am this morning ?

Why did I set off out on the bike in the wind and rain ?

Why did I keep going when I really wanted to stop ?

Why did I battle to turn the big ring at 13mph when I usually get over 20mph ?

Why do my legs now hate me ?


I want to complete an ironman.

Statistics for this mornings ride:

distance: 17 miles    time: 1:11:13     av speed: 14.3mph      top speed: 25.5 mph


7 responses to “Why ?

  1. Doh, I got the answer to the 5 questions wrong, I thought it was because you are a complete nutter?

  2. Thats probably equally as correct though as well !!
    Go to the top of the class – swot !!

  3. Your legs hate you cos they are connected to your bum…… They would be happier if they were connected to Kylie’s bum !!

    Think total nutter is possibly correct

  4. anybody would be happier if they could connect to Kylies bum !!

  5. I should be so lucky!

  6. Not necessarily…

    (Nice pun Viking!!)

  7. Cheers! Oh, I thought you said nice bum…..

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