Not a jetski in sight !

Well after yesterday mornings incident it was joked about in these circles that knowing my luck I’d get hit by a jetski at my swimming lesson last night despite it being in a pool !

Was nervous about going because of my infection from last week and I struggled. My chest and throat felt tight but I managed to get through the class, usually I’m the first to finish the drills but last night I was consistantly a good few metres off the back.

I started myself with 500m warm up just to see if I felt ok, nothing daft just relaxed and I knew at that point I wasn’t 100% but I didn’t feel too bad.

We did 4 lengths each of crawl, backstroke and breathstroke and 2 of butterfly. This was followed by 28 lengths of various leg drills, my legs ached by the time we finished. It was good to be back but I’m looking forward to hopefully not struggling next week.


2 responses to “Not a jetski in sight !

  1. Security stopped me!

    Good sesh though mate, massive improvement on last week and you know that next week will get even better.

  2. I hope it gets easier.
    I owe security a pint then !

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