Hit and Run….or clip and drive…

Its been one of those mornings, the alarm went off at 6am and I got up and was ready to get out on the bike to see how I felt. Got ready and pushed the bike up the ginnel at the side of the house and Crosby decided to be Steve McQueen and perpitrate the great escape. For those of you that don’t know, Crosby is Emma’s daft cat ( well he’s usually mine as well but because he was a little git this morning he belongs to Em !! ). Anyways he’s not allowed out the front because its a busy road, he shot past me and hid straight under next doors car, I got down on my hands and knees to try and coax him out, no joy. This went on for about 10 minutes as he darted from car to car as he went up the street. Eventually I caught him, but I must have looked a right sight in full cycling gear lying down on the pavement at 6:30 in the morning talkng to a cat !

Anyway eventually got going on the bike and it was a pretty good ride, beautiful crisp morning. Didn’t feel breathless at all and I was making good progress as I turned the legs, felt pretty fit. Did the usual ride through Conder Green, Cockerham, Thurnham and across the A6 into Scorton.

Worked my way along the back roads and was really enjoying myself as I descended into Galgate. Was slowing down as I approached the traffic lights onto the A6, there is a right turn down a side street about 5 yards from the junction that leads up the back way into the Uni. I was turning right at a very slow speed because I’d just double checked that nothing was coming from the A6 when THUMP. Out of nowhere a car came from behind me and cut across me into the turn, some part of it caught my leg and wheel and I was flipped over onto my left side. Hit the floor elbow first and just had a glimpse of a large maroon coloured car as it sped off leaving me lying in the middle of the road. Thankfully I’m not hurt, just a couple of bruises and scrapes – feeling a bit stiff though now ! I don’t see how the car couldn’t have seen me when it cut me up, it may not have felt it clip me but I would have thought it would have noticed a six foot bloke sprawled on the floor in its wake. Bastard !!

Picked myself up, checked my bike and cycled up to work cursing inconsiderate drivers. Anyways I’m here, I’m fine so I’m not going to let that spoil a good ride and a great start to the day. Hopefully the journey home tonight will be less eventful !?


distance: 19.96 miles     time: 1:11:37     av speed: 16.7mph  top speed: 33.9

av HR: 135


8 responses to “Hit and Run….or clip and drive…

  1. Bliddy hell mate you have had an eventful morning!

    Some people shouldn’t be allowed on the road.

    Don’t you go getting injured and miss The Big Woody – your a trouble magnet!

  2. yeah but it wasn’t my fault ! ( for once )

    I’m honestly fine – just aching a bit now.

  3. Hi, must have just missed you this morning, waited till 6:32 but you must have still been cat hunting. Also went through Scorton then to Dolphinhome. Join the motorist hating club. Considerate ones are very few and very far between.

  4. I’m a considerate motorist. Honestly I am.

    Oh, just remembered, I’m a cyclist as well.

    There are some twats out there, aren’t there.

    Glad there are no injuries Holgs.

  5. If there is any justice they will have crashed into a ditch 5 mins after knocking you off!

  6. John – yeah I had every intention of being there at 6:30 but it was almost 6:45 whenI got to the pointer.
    So if I’d been on time I would have avoided said motorist, so its all the cats fault – am going home tonight to sell him on Ebay whilst Em’s at work !

    FF -Yeah I think being a cyclist gives you a lot more consideration when you get behind the wheel, do unto others and all that.

  7. I keep telling you all cats are evil…..

  8. Thats not good Holgs. Have to admit that my driving has definitely improved since I’ve been a cyclist – my road awareness is much better.

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