Back running

Got in from work last night and decided to jut go out for a very gentle half hour run to see what my breathing was like. Really struggled in the first mile as my throat burned as I struggled to get my breath, but as it was all up hill I figured that was the major factor.

I then settled into my running and it felt a lot easier, much to my relief. After such an awful day weather wise it got out quite hot. So I did just over 4 miles and nothing significant to report other than I’m back running.


distance: 4.19 miles    time: 33:37    av HR : 147  av pace: 8.01 min/mile  best pace: 6.14


2 responses to “Back running

  1. Very gentle run he says – 8 min miling! Thats flat out sprinting for me!

  2. It did feel slow, but I don’t know if I could have ran much faster if you know what I mean. And I’m sure that you can sprint faster than that !

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