well that didn’t go as I planned it….

Wasn’t planning on a big day yesterday. Cycled into work and span the legs in the big gears to wake them up, averaged 16mph. Its only 3.5 miles but it was the first time I’d been on my bike since Skipton.

Riding into work something just didn’t seem right, it just didn’t seem a smooth ride and I just put it down to being unfit and back on a bike after a week off. Went into work and thought nothing else of it.

After work I’d planned on doing about 10 miles just to ease back into things this week before starting my morning rides again. Unlocked the bike and then noticed that my front tire was completely flat, it then took me about 15-20 minutes to get the thing blown back up – think there is a faulty valve because it wasn’t taking air at all and then all of a sudden it inflated in just a few thrusts of the pump ! Weird ! Anyway by that point I decided that rather than risk going out in the middle of nowhere and risking a flat tire I’d just cycle home.

Got home and inflated the tire with the floor pump to its full psi so I’ll check it tonight to see what its like. Need to get my new tyres on anyway as the present ones are starting to look very worn.

I suppose I could have gone for a run but I just didn’t feel like it, so I walkd down into town and posted my entry to the Rossendale Triathlon, came back and watched Spiderman 2 on DVD, going to watch the third one tonight.

Planning a run tonight, lets hope that goes better than last nights plan !!


2 responses to “well that didn’t go as I planned it….

  1. How is the tyre today, is it still inflated?

  2. Yep its fine, must be a faulty valve. Going to put new ones in at the weekend.

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