Not Firing on all cylinders.

I knew as soon as I started swimming on Sunday that something was wrong, just couldn’t get my breath, got steadily worse yesterday. Helped my dad move a fridge last night and I was weezing and coughing like an 80 year old with a 30 year silk cut habit !!

 Been to the docs this morning, luckily my doc is a runner and takes things seriously when you say “I was struggling swimming in a Triathlon on sunday”, he listened to my chest and hooked me up to a machine to graphs my lung capacity. Turns out my lungs are working at just under two thirds capacity at the moment and he thinks I have a swollen trachia which is restricting my breathing. Aparently this can be made a lot worse with chlorine contact, hence why I was panic swimming ! So hopefully get sorted out and I’ll be able to redeem myself in the pool.

Anyways he’s given me a very strong dose inhaler to take for two weeks, never had one before. He said hopefully I should be able to train again by the end of the week, but to just see how I feel. So will have to miss my swimming lesson tomorrow and its wonderful weather for cycling !! Damn !!

So tonights training will be a gentle walk in the park listening to my mp3 player I think !


10 responses to “Not Firing on all cylinders.

  1. At least this will make sure you get a recovery period – knowing you, you would have been out there full throttle again otherwise! :o)

  2. rest …….. Or no more blueberry muffins when you call round

  3. I’ll rest don’t worry……

  4. had set my alarm for 6am on Monday morning to go out riding, slept through it !

  5. 6am Monday… You haven’t got the concept of rest days yet have you !!!

  6. it was only going to be gentle.

    Monday was supposed to be 20 miles bike before brekkie and a steady 10km recovery run with Andy at night.

    Just walked to the pharmacy to pick up my inhaler and am knackered !!

  7. I would tell Emma to tie you down, But that would only give you ideas and be bad for your breathing !

    Seriously, Have a rest this week, Think in the past couple of weeks we have all proved we are in decent shape (Will have to check MTB out on Saturday), So 2 or 3 days isn’t going to do any harm, In fact it can only do some good.

    REST !!!!!

  8. Chlorine contact ! How much of the swimming pool did you drink? I always panic when I swim!
    Sorry to hear you’re laid up, but in the great overall scheme it’s not going have much impact, in fact as Dave says, it’ll do you good. Just ensure you ease your way back in with an easy week next week.

  9. Chill dude!

    Come back refreshed, fighting fit, and raring to go.

    All of this is very bad news for Mrs Holgs as she will now have Andy under her feet for the next week ha ha!

  10. she’ll just ignore me as usual, its for the best !!

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