Resting now…

Yesterday was my last day of training before Skipton, all that remains now is to clean the bike and pack my gear ahead of sunday. Going to watch “What it Takes Tonight”, a film about Ironman to put in the mood for Sunday – am nervous but starting to feel fit and up for this one.

Started off yesterday with just 3.5 miles to work on the bike. Met Andy at the end of work, he’d just flown back in from Holland. We did the usual sort of route round the villages but with a couple of detours round snow hill  ( I think that was what it was called – bloody steep !! ) and then up again towards Nicky Nook and Harris End Fell. I still get dropped on the steep climbs but I’m feeling stronger. We even crossed a Ford, Andy showed off and rode across, I unclipped and pushed my bike across the narrow footbridge – you just know I would have fallen in given my balance issues !!

As we dropped back down into the flat lands ( well flat compared to the rest of it ) of Cockerham, Thurnham I practised riding on the big ring, get some decent speed up if I get into the right rythym. It was a nice easy, hilly, sociable ride as we discussed our plans for sunday.


distance: 26.67 miles     time: 1:45:13    av speed: 15.2 mph   max speed: 29.8 mph

av HR: 118


One response to “Resting now…

  1. Sounds like a decent week….

    I’m just getting stuck into carbo loading

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