Head to Head

Well the start times have been posted for the Skipton Triathlon this Sunday and in an amusing twist of fate that will lead to a head to head battle the like of which has not been seen since Ali met Frasier, Dave the Ex Spartan and myself will start together ! We both go at 8:44am, so its a straight forward dog fight ha ha. Texted him last night to tell him that hopefully I wouldn’t drown him too much with my splashing !

And at 9am Andy H sets off as he celebrates his birthday in style.

Looking forward to it now, well apart from being lapped by Dave in the pool.


4 responses to “Head to Head

  1. The only person likely to be lapped by me, is a finless haddock !!!

    You may be close enough to hear the massive sigh of relieve when I get out of the pool… I hate swimming !

  2. me too, as does Andy H…..SO begs the question WHY THE HELL DID WE ALL SIGN UP FOR TRIATHLONS ????

  3. come on now folks altogether….


  4. not guilty m’lord !!

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