Is what I feel like this morning after my early ride. The sun was shining after a night of rain, so the roads were still very wet and slippy in places with the blossom and seeds on the surface. It was the wind this morning that battered me, it seemed to be in my face all the way round, and I struggled, so much so that when I reached the 4 lanes end I didn’t turn up the hill I took the easy route straight on into Galgate and upto the University. I was knackered.

 Fairly uneventful ride apart from two ducks playing chicken with me ( they must have had an identity crisis !) I could see them in the middle of the road as I was descending towards them at about 25 mph and they weren’t moving. Couldn’t slam on the breaks because of the wet, so gently squeezed them and stood up on the pedals and pressed my weight down into the bike to try and increase the friction on the road. I then had to shout at them as loud as I could “Wooaaaahhhh” – what a sight that would have been if anyone was about, a big guy clad in lycra screaming like a banshee !! Anyways thankfully with much quacking the two pancake dodgers flew in opposite directions !!


 distance: 19.19 miles      time: 1:15:44      av speed: 15.2 mph  max speed: 33.8 mph

av HR: 123

 Didn’t do anything last night other than cycle the 3.5 miles home. Oh the other thing I did was clean my bike and stick a photo on my BTU Racing Licence ahead of sunday.What an exciting life I lead…


One response to “Battered….

  1. I’m reporting you to the rspca you duck scarer!

    CBA cleaning my bike – just went out for an hour in the rain on Sunday and that seems to have done the trick!

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