Two drowned rats…

Is what me and Andy looked like after our usual 6 mile coastal path run last night. I’d cycled the 3.5 miles home and was soaked to the skin, had forgot my keys and had to cycle back up to meet Em at work, so it was 6 pm when I get home, quick towel down and jump in the car to meet Andy at 6:30….hey its all go !

I was kinda hoping he was going to ring and say lets not bother its bloody awful out there, and I think he was hoping I’d do the same….but we’re both nutters so out we went. It was a really good run, we both talked about how much we like running in the rain when its muggy – I find it relaxing and refreshing. A couple of degrees warmer and it would have been perfect for me last night.

We set a decent pace, and I suprised myself having already cycled 25 miles, I thought I’d struggle but we finished the 6 miles in 47:36. Both of us looked like we’d ran a cross country, and I suppose we had because the path was just, mud, gravel and plenty of puddles ! Have to remember to take an old towel with me because I dripped all over his car, sorry Andy !!


distance: 6 miles     time: 47:36      av speed: 8:00 min/mile   top speed: 5.21 min/mile

148 Av Hr.

This morning I was up again at 5:55 am and out on the road at 6:25 for the same ride as yesterday. I wrapped up in tights, overshoes, gloves and a jacket today as it was pouring down, I must have looked a right nutter flying round the country lanes at that time of the morning with the rain belting into me ! John wasn’t there this morning, he would have had a tough, late ride last night, so I was pacing myself and I didn’t do too bad really. I’m really enjoying these early morning rides. Again no breakfast until I get to work, just had my porridge.

It was a bit scary on some of the corners given the wet conditions and I probably wore my brakes out on the 14% gradient descent into a tight left turn, but I made it in one piece !

Got to work and the lasses just looked at me like I’m a creature from the Black Lagoon ( he was probably drier ! ) as I dripped into the staffroom clad from head to toe in lycra and fluro gear !! Not a pretty sight first thing in the morning !!


distance: 21.49 miles    time: 1:22:45     av speed: 15.5 mph  max speed: 33.6 mph

137 Av Hr


4 responses to “Two drowned rats…

  1. Do you think people will catch on, That we aren’t really interested in training, it’s just being able to dress up in lycra and rubber that we enjoy ?

    Seriously tho, great training, Not sure about the early starts, I can think of much better things to be doing at 6:30 am…..

    Bit of a taper now before Skipton

  2. I used to get up every day at 5:55am to do the commute to work so it doesn’t bother me too much – and its easier because I have a goal that I know I have to work hard at to reach.

  3. I used to get up at 6.. So I enjoy the lie in !

    I do know what you mean tho, Sunday could so easily have been a “Oh sod it, It’s raining, Lets not bother”

    Where as we have to get this done…

  4. Ladies at work probably presumed you were on your way back from an all nighter at a fetish club!

    Know what you mean about cycling in the wet, pretty scary when youyr tyres won’t grip the road and your breaks pack in working!

    Did wake up at 6am today and though “shall I go out” next thing I know it was 6.50 and I had to get ready for work…ah well its the thought that counts!

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