The early bird and all that…

Was up at 5:55am this morning, WHY ? I hear you ask. Well to up the bike milage and to help with the fat burning. I met John at 6:30. No breakfast just a quick black coffee and out the door, the reason being if you exercise before you eat first thing in the morning you are using up your bodies fat reserves.

So am writing this at work tucking into my brekkie and a nice coffee, I think I’ve earned it this morning. We did the usual route through Cockerham, Scorton etc but in reverse with a right at 4 lanes end up the hill towards Quernmore before taking a left and dropping down into Ellel before climbing back up to the university.

Really enjoyed the ride and feel very awake and ready to face the first manic day of term. Started to feel hungry after about an hour, but took on plenty of water. Weather wasn’t brilliant but I wasn’t uncomfortable in my shorts and short sleeves. Thanks to John for suggesting we start to do this, hopefully will really help my training !

So looks like its going to be early mornings from now on as we race the early bird as it goes out to get its worm for breakfast.


distance: 21.48 miles  time: 1:21:23    av speed: 15.8 mph   max speed: 35.6 mph

av HR: 128


3 responses to “The early bird and all that…

  1. Pouring down in Cheshire again this morning, Needed the wipers on double speed most of the way in.

    Cracking way to start the week tho.

  2. yep really enjoyed it, hope the day brightens up for you Dave.

  3. I’m very impressed – 5.55am on a Monday – your taking being a nutter to whole new levels!

    Hasn’t stopped raining here today – in fact I am so peeved off with being soaked that I am off for a swim!

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