The great british weather…..

Spent the weekend down in West Kirkby at Em’d dads. John is a keen cyclist of many years who’s scaled the Tourmalet, Ventoux, Galibier and AlpeD’Huez and is training for a tour of the dolomites in July. We went out on Saturday morning in glorious sunshine, and this week I remembered to put on suncream ! We travelled through some of the posh little villages of the wirral, Puddington, Burton etc.. where the thatched cottages would probably cost more than a small countries annual GDP ! 

Stopped at the Eureka Cyclists Cafe which was a gem of a place, loads of bikes outside, a carbon lovers dream !! Its the only place I’ve ever been where on the drinks menu amongst your earl greys and lattes you’ll find REGO the energy drink !! The walls are lined with cycling memoribillia like Boardmans yellow jerseys from the Tour. If you haven’t been to this place you really should give it a visit !! A sis energy bar and a coffee later and we were back on the bikes heading through the backroads on the other side of the main Chester road. There’s a really steep hill as you head back into West Kirkby, I attacked it and met John at the top where we stopped by the monument to admire the view across to Wales, less than a minute back on the bike and we were home. A great ride, always nice to get out with John, and to see other parts of the area.


distance: 35.86 miles    time: 2:32      av speed :15.6 mph    max speed: 36 mph      av HR: 118

 So that was the sunny ride, this morning I met Dave down in Elton. Took me ages to reach him as I got stuck behind every nissan micra driving old biddy on her way to give out prayer books at church !! It was pouring down so the pirate gear didn’t get an outing, I had my rain jacket and tights on, Dave obviously is made of much sterner stuff as he was in shorts and jersey !! Was a real fun ride apart from the weather, and was great to see Dave and chew the fat as we cycled through the Cheshire countryside through Barrow, Duddon and climbed up towards Delamere forest. A quick stop to adjust Daves rattling bottle cage and it was heads down into Frodsham before a sharp left to face the fabelled Frodsham Hill. It was steep and tough at the bottom and the final 100 yards but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but I was on a triple and Dave was on a double ring ( thats got to build the power in his legs !! ) as we went over the top and descended most of the way back towards Elton.

It was a very enjoyable ride, made more so by Suzies homemade muffins and an hour spent recovering in Daves huge hot tub spa in the garden, beats the old ice bath theory any day !!


distance: 36.12 miles     time: 2:18:39    av speed: 15.5 mph    max speed 32.1 mph    av HR: 128 

There’s a photo of us both at the end of the ride on Daves Blog, you can see it here : Men in Black


2 responses to “The great british weather…..

  1. Great weekend on the bike Mr H! Home cooking AND a spa after training – now that’s training in style!

  2. yep pleased with the effort this weekend, more of the same tomorrow as well.

    The hospitality at Daves was top notch !!

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