I cycled to work yesterday morning and felt pretty good, nothing too strenous. Then after work I met John for a quick hours ride as I had to be home for just after 6pm to meet Andy for a run and then out by about 7:40 to go to the cinema with Em and Rich. We went to see Blades of Glory by the way, a fantastically funny film about ice skating with Will Ferrel !

Anyways me and John did about 17 miles on some pretty hilly ( well I thought it was ) roads round the back of the university. I was really struggling last night to catch my breath and my legs were aching, I wasn’t climbing particularly well and felt like I was holding John up. As we got onto the flat heading back to Galgate I was told to go flat out so basically I did – onto the big gears and really working the legs I managed to get up to about 45km an hour, which is pretty good going.

As always its was good to get out with John and he pushed me harder than I would have done on my own considering I wasn’t feeling great, and I feel better for that.

Met Andy eventually as he got lost in the maze of terraced streets round by me and we both decided to drop the planned hillier run for a slightly less hillier one. We were out for about 40 minutes and probably did 4.5-5 miles. Both still feeling our legs from Mondays interval session, BUT we pushed each other along and we are training harder than what we would if we were on our own.


time: 1:40:28         daily bike miles: 19.66       running: approx 4.5

av speed: 14.9 mph  top speed: 31.7 mph    Av Hr 136

So pleased with that effort on a day when I really felt like I was struggling.


3 responses to “Struggling

  1. Oh don’t worry it was hilly enough for me as well in the end.

  2. I just swimbled and I thought that was tough!!

  3. It was hilly enough for me if it had been any hillier you’d have missed the start of the film!

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