Off to the Tower with him…

Went out on my bike last night after work and was quite up for it but I found it hard going because of the wind. I hit the fells and it was bloody freezing up there, which ever direction I went in the wind seemed to be in my face. By the time I got home almost 2 hours later I couldn’t feel my feet I was that cold !!

I put some serious hill work in last night as I battled the long 17% gradient 2 mile climb up through Quernmore and up to to Jubilee Tower this climb was in to a very strong headwind making it all the more difficult. I was on the granny ring and standing on the pedals, to give you an idea of how hard this was my speed was 4mph and my heart rate was 165 !!! Think the climb is about 200-300m?? My legs felt like jelly as I looked back over the bay towards the Lakeland hills and south to Blackpool. Dark clouds loomed over the Irish sea as the wind swirled around on the top of the fell. Quick drink and off on the usually fast descent towards Abbeystead, although I didn’t get over 25 mph because of the headwind.

A few minor nasty climbs round Abbeystead before heading to Dolphinholme, Galgate and back home. I was knackered and my legs ached but more so with cold than anything, thankfully I’d had a wind jacket with me which I’d put on at the top of the climb but my exposed legs and feet were freezing !

Probably the only ride I’ll get in this week with circumstances. Am going out riding in the wirral on Saturday morning.


time: 1:54:01      distance: 24.7 miles       av speed 12.9 mph    max speed 39.8 mph

av HR : 123    Calories: 1310

So the time compared to the distance shows how tough this ride was with the hills and more so the weather, I think on a good day I could knock a good 20-30 minutes off that time.


8 responses to “Off to the Tower with him…

  1. I was caught out by how cold it was on Monday evening too – just cos its sunny in the day and the sun stays up light, I’m convinced it should be sub-tripical temperatures out there! Track session for me tonight – love/hate relationship with that!

  2. I love track sessions or I used to, might just have a rest today as my legs are feeling stiff !

  3. I froze on Monday night when I took that DVD back to Blockbuster… Only had shorts and gillet on…

    Well you know my better half is always up for a challenge ? Tonight, as if we don’t have enough to do, We have to collect the keys to our very own allotment ! Now where’s me flat cap an me whippet ?

    I suppose digging is good training !

  4. …..AND you complained that the Skipton organisers thought you were getting old……

  5. The woman is trying to kill me I tell you !!!

  6. hide her scalpels mate, its for your own good !! And don’t do your back in digging bloody vegetable patches !! Can’t wait for the allotment training report tomorrow !

  7. As Minnie and FF will tell you, Suzie adores her garden, and we both enjoy the small amounts of fruit and veg we get from it, as well as all the herbs we ever need.

    The allotments are only 300 yds away, and only £6 per year……..

  8. Their garden is indeed wonderful and as TLS is a fab cook ang great gardener, I can see some synergie there!

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