Andy and his bright ideas…

Met Andy last night for a run, both of us were feeling knackered and like we really couldn’t be bothered. So we get out of the car do some warm up stretches…..think it was to put off actually starting !

So we start jogging and Andy says “Let’s do an interval session” and before my mind had had time to take in what he’d said my mouth had said “Ok, sounds good!” Eh ? Where the hell did that come from? Have I been possessed? Oh bugger….too late now.

We did our usual 6 mile run out and back along the coastal path but with fast sessions of between 305 to 550 metres with recovery periods in between of about 300m. The first one was flat out and we were both knackered at the end of it, the others were slightly slower but still left us feeling breathless. My heart rate on the recovery was about 132 whilst on the efforts in jumped to 170 so the effort was going in to them.

I really enjoyed the session, and we’d turned a “can’t be bothered” night into a good quality session. So I guess its thanks to Andy and his bright ideas….

statistics: didn’t time the individual speed efforts.

distance: 6 miles       time:  51:44         av speed: 8:00 min mile  

max speed:  4:05 min/mile       Av HR:   138        Calories: 703


5 responses to “Andy and his bright ideas…

  1. Excellent session – and no falling over eh? ;o)

  2. I can see I’m never going to live this down !!! Nope I managed to stay upright just about !!

  3. Fab sesh – I hate intervals it is too much like hard work! I would much rather plod at my pace for hours rather than short sprints.

  4. I’ve felt knackered since the Monday night session, I really can’t believe I suggested it !!
    I definitely got my aspirations and my capabilities mixed up ! If I ever suggest anything again that resembles a structured training session, please feel free to give me a good slap!

  5. ha ha ok will do ! So you’ll be looking forward to our hill session tonight then?

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