Earning my day off….

Friday is officially a day of rest for me, I came in the car to work this morning – have to be at the vets at 5:20pm with the cat, but I’m glad of the excuse anyway. Think I’ve worked hard this week and especially last night.

Met John again after work and we went out on our bikes, headed up the hills towards Abbeystead and Dolphinholme. John pushed me on the hills by talking to me and getting me to work hard at pumping my legs, think if he hadn’t been encouraging me I probably wouldn’t have put enough effort in. I still struggle on the hills but I get up them eventually, hopefully the improvements will come with practice, increased stamina and less weight.

Dropping down into Dolphinholme there’s a pretty sharp and steep hill and I managed to get my speed up to 42.1 miles an hour, that felt really cool ( where’s a speed camera when you need one !! ).

We then turned left at the Fleece pub and onto the same route as we did last night and pedalled along at a steady pace, John had to wait for me in places because I was flagging but I still enjoyed it. At Condor Green John headed for home and I doubled back round Glasson to go meet Andy.

I’d arranged to meet Andy to do a brick session of 20k on the bike and 5k run in preparation for the Skipton Traithlon. When I met Andy I’d already done 24 miles on my bike. We set off back round Glasson and then up and through Galgate before dropping back down to Glasson again. That makes it sound easy, it wasn’t. There were a couple of nasty hills on the course and I just told Andy to go ahead as I didn’t want to ruin his training session by slowing him down ( I was still riding at about 16-22 mph ). I came close to catching him up when we were on a single track lane when some woman came round a blind bend too fast and almost put Andy through the hedge, luckily she realised and instead took her car into the opposite hedge.

Got back to Andys having done 36 miles on my bike, quick glass of water and a change of shoes and out for the run. It took my legs about half a mile to wake up and I thought we were running really slow but the first mile was done in 8:14 and then we continued to get faster, 7:52 and 7:29 to finish the 5k in 23:37 – which given the cycling before it was a pretty respectable time.

I was knackered by the time I got back, and was given some very much needed SIS PSP energy drink, and some of Pams quality street ( THANK YOU ! ). Then got back on my bike and pedalled the 5 miles back to my house at a steady pace. Even managed a sprint to get up my hill before enjoying a huge bowl of pasta ( thanks Em ). I was ravenous, had two yoghurts as well.

So that was 42 miles on the bike and 3 miles running at a decent pace, on top of the fast bike the night before and the 13 miles of running in the previous few days, not to mention the swimming……so yeah all in all I earned my day off….

Statistics for the whole session:

Time: 2:53:04       Distance: 42.23 miles( bike ) 3 miles (run )

bike = av speed 14.9 mph   top speed  42.1 mph    

run = av pace: 7:52 min/ mile     best pace: 5.00 min mile

Av HR 133     Total Calories burnt: 2358


9 responses to “Earning my day off….

  1. Great sesh yesterday – deffo earned a day off!

    42 mph is scary! Highest I got to was 38mph down a steep hill when out with Min a few weeks back – only downside was we had to ride back up it later on doh!

    Good of Em to cook your pasta – Glad to see she took notice of my advice – don’t let you in the kitchen !

  2. yeah was a great session and I gave it my all, back home afterwards felt like I’d done some serious training.

    So 2.5 times the bike, 8.5 times the run and a couple of hours of swimming and that I’ll be the ironman !!
    Its gonna be fun.

    Oh and after the pasta I was despatched to the bottom of our steep hill to buy Em some Chocolate Brownie Ben & Jerrys ice cream !! Walking back up was a nice warm down for my legs !

  3. Blimey boy – you are flying!!!

    Great weeks training – you are going really well!!

    By the way on the swimming wearing you out thing – there is a good reason for it of course!

    Water is “considerably” ;o) more dense than air – it does take a lot of effort to move yourself through a material that is more dense. You are moving your whole body volume (same as running) BUT the material requires more energy to displace your volume (i.e. move you along) – think about pushing your arm through the air, rather then pushing through water, and then something even more dense like custard or similar!

    Sorry back into ‘teaching grandmother to suck eggs’ territory!!

    But well done on the training again!!

  4. mmmmmm Ben and Jerrys mmmmmmmm

    {loon wanders off in fruitless serch for choclit in the office…..}

  5. nah I hadn’t thought of that Mrs Smarty Pants Science chick !! Interesting, and makes me feel better that its supposed to feel tougher.

  6. Mr V – don’t give him ideas!! We watched 100 greatest ads last night – and the one with a 50s husband saying to his wife ‘well done dear’ when she’d cooked a meal got him thinking – i’d have smacked him one!!
    Oh, excuse for Ben & Jerry’s – stressful day (like I need an excuse!) – my op scar got infected again – I rattle with pills now!!

  7. Ah Ben & Jerrys The training food of the gods !!

    My body is a lot more dense than both air and water !!!

  8. so is Vikings head !!

  9. Eh? I don’t understand the question!

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