Shifting through the gears….

Well it was another pretty decent day training wise for me yesterday, started out with a gentle 3.5 mile ride to work. Took it as easy as I could and didn’t wear my heart rate monitor. Figured if I just span the pedals it would loosen up the lactic acid that would have formed in my legs from the night before.

Lunchtime I hit the pool and suprisingly it was virtually deserted which was good. Swam 30 lengths and concentrated on my technique, I was swimming so much better than the day before. I felt lighter in the water and I was really feeling the sweet spot at the the end of each arm extension, I was kinda reassured that my swimming was ok again. I was still a bit breathless, been a little wheezy this week. I always seem to use more energy when swimming than I do on the bike or the run. Maybe thats just my perception because I think I struggle at it, will have to wear my HRM one of the days to see how it really is in the water.

Was planning a decent ride after work of about 20-30 miles, probably not pushing it too much but at a steady pace. Then John asked me if I was going out straight from work so I agreed to join him. Got on our bikes and he suggested we try our usual 20 mile circuit but going as fast as I could and he’d shadow me.

So basically it was flat out from me and although I could feel my calves in places asking me what the hell I was doing I really enjoyed it. It was a challenge to try and stay in front of John and not slow down his training, he easily caught me on the hills but on the flat I was flying, quick glances at my computer showed that I was ploughing along at between 16.9 and 22 mph. For the first time I felt like I was a proper rider and I was managing to accelerate using my gears and by spinning my legs faster.

We did the course in approx 65 minutes which was about 10 minutes faster than I’ve done it before.

I only used the middle ring and now I have to try and use the big ring when I get my speed up to help me go faster, this of course will make my legs work harder but in maybe a sprint or an olympic triathlon the extra effort will be worth it. Maybe too much energy wasted over the 112 miles of the ironman.

So as John left with me last night with a very simple yet true thought, the only way to get faster and stronger on the bike is to train faster, I cycled up my hill home determined to get up the sod as quickly as possible which involved turning the legs fast and shifting through the gears….

Statistics for yesterdays cycling including the morning crawl ( I hadn’t reset my computer ), so the average speed for the evening ride I would imagine would be higher than the figure below:

distance: 22.71 miles     time: 1:25:24      av speed 15.9mph   top speed 29.7 mph

av HR: 146     Calories:  1345


2 responses to “Shifting through the gears….

  1. Bliddy fast going that matey! I reckon I can go that fast…if I attach a motor to the back of my bike!

    It’s a great feeling when the swim goes well. Apparently. I’ll let you know when it happens!

  2. It did feel fast but it was great fun.

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