Bike numpty

I was reminded at lunchtime by Pam ( Andy’s other half, could get into a debate about better but then he’d make me suffer on the bike later ) that I hadn’t written about my biking cock up at the weekend.

We’d done about 40 miles when I stopped at Andys to use the loo before heading off on the 5 miles back to mine. I came back out of the house and jumped back on my bike.

I was pushing my right foot down but my shoe just wasn’t clipping into my pedal, I tried this for a few minutes getting increasingly frustrated when Andy said “You have taken your cleat covers off haven’t you?”


I instantly recognised my mistake reached down and took off my covers whilst Andy was having a good laugh at my expense ! Clipped in and set off home feeling like a right bike numpty !


4 responses to “Bike numpty

  1. Oy numpty, I suppose you accidentally forgot to tell us did you? Ha ha ha!

  2. Sorry about that Andy, I tell her nothing in future!
    In my defence you did say it would be something to write about

  3. yeah I accidentally forgot to mention it……but I don’t mind people laughing at me when I make a mistake like that, part of what makes this fun !

    Just waiting for Vikings post when he tells everyone that he forgot to take the stabilisers off his bike !!

  4. I’m not removing the stabilisers – that is the reason why I am the only one not to have fallen off my bike yet!

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