Don’t pick your blisters…

I finally ventured back to the pool yesterday lunchtime and swam 30 lengths, didn’t time myself just swam. It was hard work, goggles leaked, chlorine stung my finger ( managed to cut it with a bread knife the night before ! Prat ! ) and the girl in the lane with me was like a fish but I put the effort in and hopefully I’ll get back on track. Just have to convince myself that I actually like swimming – think thats half my problem. I think if I enjoyed it like the bike and the running then I’d want to work harder at it.

Last night met Andy for our Tuesday night run. We didn’t do the usual coastal run, instead Pam dropped us off out towards Garstang and we ran back along the canal. It made a pleasant change and although I swallowed about 300 flies I really enjoyed it. I’m sure the extra protein would have done me good !

We just took it easy as I’m always very cautious when running off road, scared I’ll turn my ankle or jar my knee, so the pace was very managable. We saw lots of wildlife, herons, ducks, swans and a very large eel ( which was dead ). I’d never been on that part of the canal and it was very pleasant, we got to the lock at Galgate and then headed south on the Glasson arm of the canal and up through Thurnham Hall and back to Andys.


distance: 6.75 miles     time:  59:10     av pace: 8:46 min/mile  best pace: 5:12 min/mile

Av HR  144    Calories: 882

It was an enjoyable run only marred by more sore right foot. This is a bit gruesome so if your squeemish don’t read this. Several years ago I had a veruca burned off the ball of my right foot which left a deep hole ( well about 3mm ) and scar tissue. Eventually new skin grew over the hole, however sometimes when I run long distances I get a blood blister and the hole fills with blood. This happened at the Liverpool half the last month and ever since I’ve had a bruise the size of a 50p on my foot. Sunday nightI made the mistake of draining the dead, black blood, and the dead skin came away exposing the raw skin underneath which is still bruised. I should have covered it with a blister plaster before the run but I forgot. It was really painful last night so I put loads of savlon on it ( ouch stings ) and have it covered up now.

So the moral of the story is don’t pick your blisters….


7 responses to “Don’t pick your blisters…

  1. Eeeeuuuwwwwww! Sounds very gross!

    Oh and cutting your finger – you don’t have much luck in the kitchen do you mate? If I were you I wouldn’t go in there again until after The Big Woody….

  2. I considered posting photographs but thought that would put too many of you off your breakfast !

    Yes best I stay out of the kitchen, can you email Em and tell her she has to do all the cooking and washing up between now and September.

  3. I always have arguements with the medical member of the household…

    I’ve always always burst blisters so the skin hardens up quicker, But TLS of course follows the more sensible line of leaving them to heal naturally

  4. I think thats the female approach Dave, men are a bit more daft and just want to get it over with and healed. I once read an article about a guy trying to remove his own verucca with a powerdrill !!!

  5. Nah – I burst them too… I like to stick a pin in them and then shoot the liquid out! Hee hee!

  6. I remember seeing a programme about people running the ‘Marathon de Sable’ ? (excuse my mispelling) which is the trans sahara multi marathon. That Ben Fogle bloke was running it and when any of the competitors got a blister the French medics ‘sterilised ‘ the area and then removed the whole area of blistered skin with a scalpel!! Apparently it prevented any chance of infection. It would probably prevent me running any more!

  7. if thats the case DON’T WATCH Running on the sun – a horror story of feet !!

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