Easter Weekend

It was a good weekend all in all, maybe I didn’t do as much training as I thought I would have but I’ll kid myself that it was quality over quantity.

It got off to a bad start on Friday when I woke up and couldn’t open my right eye, and eventually when I could it was severely bloodshot and I had blurred vision, so that was the end of my planned bike ride. Eventually as the day wore on it got a bit better after what seemed like several litres of eyedrops had been applied.

Friday night saw me out clubbing in Manchester, it was a mates birthday so the four of us went out – two librarians, a police officer and a bouncer – we hit Canal Street and the famed Gay village, it wasn’t very welcoming so we walked to Deansgate locks and ended up the night in the Print Works. Really enjoyed it, and got back home at 2am.

Was up at 9am and down at Andys for 10 am for a bike ride. We headed out through Cockerham and towards Garstang before heading down some really remote country roads that probably hadn’t seen tarmac since the 1800’s ! My bike has Carbon forks which are supposed to absorb the shock, if they do what they claim I’d have hated to have gone on this ride with a normal bike as my arse felt every bump – it was so bad in places I thought my fillings were going to shake loose !! It was a glorious day though and Andy as ever was great company as we skirted round the villages near Blackpool, through Hambleton and onto Knott End where as Andy joked ” If you have your own hips you’re something of a rareity here”. We left Biddyville and headed back through Pilling and back towards home.

Andy put his foot down on the Cockerham coastline, I struggled to keep up, we passed another cyclist and he tucked in behind me and we got chatting. He was training for Ironman France in June, and had already completed 5 of them – he warned me that “Once you finish one you’ll be hooked”. He was planning on doing an 80 miler that day and had cycled up from Lytham St Annes.

It was a good ride and the circuit has the potential for being a 100 miler for long training routes, doing 3 laps to get used to that sort of circuit ahead of September. Once again a really good ride, and thanks to Andy and his extensive knowledge of cycling routes I saw more unkown Lancastrian territory.


distance: 45.02 miles       time: 2:48:49     av 15.7 mph  max 29.3 mph

127 av HR    2013 Calories

Sunday I literally turned into an Ironman with four hours of ironing, so that was my cross training for the day, well that and cleaning my bike and fitting another bottle cage. I would have thought that a new bottle cage would have come complete with the fixing screws but mine didn’t ( unless the black plastic things that looked like nails were supposed to do it ? I gave up on them as I couldn’t get them to fit ).

And finally yesterday I hit the hills for 5.45 miles. Jon Brown ( elite marafun runner ) talks of the benefits of hill training in this months runners world magazine, so after reading that ( again ) I felt inspired and set off for a hilly jaunt. You can’t leave my house without going uphill within the first mile. I turned right and headed up and under the motorway towards Quernmore, climbing over a hundred metres in the first mile. I then ran along the ridge for a mile or so before dropping back down to run past the old hospital and back up the hill through the park and past the Williamson Memorial where I get married in 5 months. Got back home and did 50 crunches on my swiss ball in an attempt to flatten the gut.

Statistics for the run :

distance: 5.45 miles   time: 49:16     av pace: 9.08 min/ mile     best: 6:36 min/mile

Av HR:  145    calories: 730

So it was a pretty good Easter weekend.


9 responses to “Easter Weekend

  1. well done holgs – I managed a whole heap of “cross training” – mostly white wine, though there was some Pimms thrown in for a bit of core stabilisation :o)

    Good stuff on your part though!!

  2. Some good training their Mr Holgs, well done.

    “Once you finish one you’ll be hooked”.

    Never in a million years is that gonna happen this is strictly a one off!

  3. Loon – good to see you working on your core, keeping hydrated from different energy sources is an essential part of training.

    Viking – we’ll see, come the 2nd September you’ll be signing up again for next year.

  4. Come the 2nd September I won’t be capable of signing anything!

  5. I’ll sign it for you mate.

  6. I’ll sign anything for the both of you…as long as I am named in any relevant insurance documents…I’m all heart me!!

  7. The only thing you two will be signing is the register at your wedding!

  8. That’s what you think!!

  9. I’ve got a ghost writer to do that.

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