Tough Ten Miles

It was a glorious night last night, the sun was shining and as the day had gone on I’d gathered momentum and was really up for a good run.

I only intended to do about 6 miles but I was enjoying myself so much that I just kept going, and ended up doing just over 10 miles in 1:18:33. I ran down through campus, through the little hamlet of Ellel, into Galgate, left at the lights and onto the country lanes. Its quite undulating along the road here beside the M6 ( heading south towards Forton services – the flying saucer shaped one ! ) and I could feel my legs working hard.

At the Fleece I turned left and its a very long slow uphill for about 2 miles through the village of Dolphinholme and up through the deserted woods of Swine Hill and Wellington. The only company I had were the many pheasants criss crossing in front of me, I emerged from the woods with glorious views out across the bay, to my left I could see Blackpool tower and to my right the Lakeland mountains, and straight in front of me as I started to descend was Barrow. I could see the DDH where they assemble the Trident submarines.

I’d never ran on these roads before and it was great exploring, I reached the crossroads heading back towards Galgate and immediately doubled back up another long hill towards Quernmore, ran along here and get a friendly “You’ve got more energy than me lad” from a farmer and his sheepdog in one of the fields. Up past the quarry and down a single track lane to Ellel, turn right and the steady climb back up to campus.

I realise none of this will mean anything to anyone that doesn’t know the area but trust me it was a great run, sunny, hilly, isolated but still a tough ten miles.


distance: 10.1 miles     Time: 1:18:33    Av HR: 147      1210 Calories burnt


6 responses to “Tough Ten Miles

  1. Vaguely familiar with the area from trecking up and down the M6 to see Becky.

    I just love running new routes though – one of the best things I’ve found about cycling is I’ve discovered a whole raft of new routes to run on using country lanes that I just didn’t know where there – seem more able to explore on the bike somehow. Not sure why that is – something to do with not being so bothered about distance I guess.

  2. Oh I agree, If I hadn’t been out on my bike round the hills and villages south of Lancaster I’d have never have discovered some great run routes.

  3. Sounds fab holgs – and what perfect weather it was for it!!

    I think I would have quite enjoyed the new route yesterday if I hadn’t only done it coz I felt so rubbish!!

  4. we all have days like that Loon, they make the good runs even better though ! Good to see you back running though after your horrific foot injury !

  5. Will you slow down man! If you keep going at this pace you will have finished The Big Woody before I am even off the bike!

  6. Excellent run, I know the route well, although I think there may be a hill in the area that you’ve missed!
    I remember running a similar route with Tony S and our route took us through a farm yard where we passed an rustic type leaning on a gatepost watching the world go by. As we passed him he pushed his cap back, and said
    ‘thee’ll drop darn deed’
    Very encouraging we thought!

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