Can someone please explain this to me ?

Right I’ve metioned before ( probably bored you all to tears ) that I’m trying to loose weight and when I started at the begining of March I weighed 215 pounds and yesterday I weighed 210 pounds, its going but not its still not good enough.

So bare in mind that yesterday I weighed 210 pounds, here is what is recorded in my food diary :

7am: Bowl of wholeweat crunches and skimmed milk.

7:15: 4 miles on bike burning off 220 calories, 500ml water

8:00: coffee ( white, no sugar )

11am: Coffee, musili bar – weight watchers.

1pm: tuna salad sandwich on wholegrain bread, no mayo. Yop yoghurt drink, banana.

4pm: 500ml water, coffee, banana

5:00: 4 miles home on the bike, 500 ml water, 240 calories burnt

5:30pm: museli bar

8pm: 2 pieces of steak grilled on the foreman grill, in 2 wholegrain bagels with no butter, a little ketchup. Coffee and a blueberry wholegrain yoghurt.

So I don’t think what I ate yesterday was too bad, its the first red meat I’ve had in months, and I managed 35 minutes of exercise, SO……..whay the hell have I put 2 lbs on this morning?

Is my food consumption excessive? I know I could have done more exercise but I was aching a bit after my big sessions the day before. Thats what March has been like for me my weight has been fluctuating up and down by 2-3 lbs daily, and its confusing me.

I know my body shape is changing, I think I’m looking slimmer, clothes feel better and i’m certainly running faster but the weight thing is doing my head in.

I always thought : eat well and exercise and the weight will fall off, its not. I know I have a thyroid problem and I need to get tested again and I know muscle weighs more, and I know that this is totally illogical.

So….Can someone please explain this to me ?


21 responses to “Can someone please explain this to me ?

  1. Think the explaination is you getting hung up on 2lbs…. As you said our weight fluctuates a couple of pounds up and down any way ..

    I never bother to weigh myself, I know I’m over weight, and that I have lost some since Christmas cos my clothes have gone lose.
    Not much of a help I know, But as you yourself say, You feel better, you are deffo fitter, Oh and you eat a lot less than me

  2. Thanks Dave – I think I eat a lot less than most people, which again may not be helping.

  3. Holgs, hon,

    this is why I think that weighing daily is a bit of a bad idea.

    Maybe you should go back to same time same place once a week. Your weight does fluctuate during the week, even during the day. Whilst I understand your desire for control totally and can see that daily weigh in would make you feel more in control I don’t think it helps for exactly the reason you have so beautifuuly expressed here!

    Have you measured yourself – maybe try keeping a tally of measurements (say monthly) along with your weight. This is what others percieve – not the no of lbs that the scale says….. But from a training and performance point of view I understand fully that the weight does count.

    Have you actually counted the calories you are eating ( I KNOW IT IS A KING SIZED PAIN IN THE ARSE…..) and the calories that you are expanding on your training? I know that the menu you put up looks great but over a week your calories expanded on exercise are really high and there is a very delicate balance between eating enough to lose weight and your body not thinking it is getting enough….

    I am not trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs – I know that you know all this stuff BUT just think about the negative effect that this is having Andy, you are doing great – your training is going really well, you had a great run at Liverpool AND since then you’ve hammered a sub 44 10k. Clearly your fitness IS improving dramatically and your weight fluctuations are really not so major in that light.

    Chin up and have a look back at your training records – your performance is really improving so don’t get hung up on the scales sweetie – please!

    L x

  4. Don’t think you ate excessively at all yesterday thought it was a healthy well balanced diet.

    I personally think weighing yourself every day is a bit excessive as it can demoralise you when it doesn’t give you the figures you expect. I do weigh myself but try to do it once a week at the same day/time as that gives a clear picture in my mind how things have gone and this tends to overwrite the little fluctuations our bodies try and confuse us with!

  5. Sorry Lunacy, crossed post I wasn’t just copying you honestly!

  6. either a case of great minds thinking alike or blantant copying…..

    I know which one my money is on!!!

    (p.s. you put it much better and more succinctly than me – thats all!!)

  7. you both put it really well, thanks for the support.
    Am pleased with the way my training is going, although I know I could do more, and my performances are getting better.
    Am trying my best not to get hung up on the scales, but its difficult.

  8. Well I don’t care what anyone says I am going for the great minds option!

  9. maybe its just UU corporate assymilation?



  11. yeah much too attractive for that, Viking however…..

  12. Just wondering… If Viking is a borg… Where do you fit the batteries ?

  13. Coming in a bit late on this, but basically what Loon said. Weighing yourself everyday is far too frequent – and actually, did you know we less more and are taller when we first get out of bed in the morning – its true!!! The height thing is something to do with being relaxed or somat. Anyway, I digress. Once a week is more than enough.

    Also – as the others have said, measurements are far more reliable.

    And (I know I know, I’m going on) muscle is 4 times denser than fat, i.e. heavier. You could be putting on muscle? Do you have the type of fancy pants scale that measure your fat percentages? Altho, if I were you I would avoid those – its just one more stat to get “hung up” on.

    And finally, are you eating enough? Your level of exercise has increased, but if anything your food intake has decreased over the last 6 months. We all know the calories in – calories burnt equation. However, if your body senses it is getting battered (which it is), it will store as much as it can in the form of fat for what he perceives are the lean times ahead. Think in terms of mammals fattening up in summer to get them through the winter. Humans do that – are bodies are programmed to survive. Thus, if you are “starving” it, it goes into survival mode. Clearly this is not true at the extreme end of the weight loss scale but where you are, that might well be happening.

    Dunno if this has helped and know its not that straightforward. If its any consolation at all, I spent ages infront of the mirror last night pinching all my inches. I mean who thought up that slogan? Those numpties at Kelloggs should be shot!

  14. Ditto what everyone else has said.
    The daily weighing is too much, Lunacy’s idea of measurements is a good one.
    Your body shape is definitely changing (and if your clothes are looser that confirms that), you eat healthy, and do so much training as to make me feel like a fat blob!(Seriously you do way more than Mr Average).
    You need to enjoy your training and your food – and eat enough!
    Ok, slightly nagging bit over! You look great and have no worries.

  15. Can’t get a better critic than that.. Suzie says my bum looks better in cycling shorts than it has in ages !!

    Cab’t have taken MTB long to pinch all her INCH

  16. MTB – you have like zero body fat !!!

    Yep I’ve got fancy digital scales, that tell me % body fat, muscle, water, bmi etc….but they are bit too confusing, will have to read the instructions again.

    I guess I’ve just got to try and get this right in my own head……thanks everyone.

  17. I’ve got some digital scales Holgs and my weight can fluctuate by 3-4 lbs over a couple of days.

    This might sound a bit revolting, but a good dump can weigh a couple of pounds. Believe me, I’ve weighed myself before and after!!!!

    If you had drunk a little more the day before, that could add another pound or so.

    Ditto everyone else’s comments. Training is going to add muscle.

    I weigh myself far to regularly. This morning when I weighed myself, I was 12:11. I’ve had a dump, just been for an 18 mile run and I now weigh 12:7.

    You’ll get there, don’t worry about it.

  18. Thanks FF, Hope the knee is ok after your run.

  19. You just knew that if anyone had done the pre and post dump weighing it could only be FF

  20. Oh… *blush*

  21. yeah but he’s completely correct.

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