Bricking it….

Inspired by my good training run at the weekend and by the glorious sunshine yesterday morning I decided I’d have a tough training day. The distances weren’t going to be big but the quality would hopefully be there.

I jumped out of bed and fed the cat ( nothing gets done in our house until Crosby gets fed – the noise is unbearable !! ) grabbed a quick cereal bar and got the bike out. I’d worked it out that I had just enough time to get a decent paced 10 miles in on the bike, showered and ready for work.

The ride went well, as the schools are out there wasn’t a lot of traffic and the sun was shining, it was still very cold in the strong wind though. Although the course isn’t hilly there are a couple of inclines so its not a complete doddle. My legs felt strong as I turned the gears to an average of 15mph. I got off the bike feeling fresh and ready to face the day.


10.57 miles         time: 42.31       15 mph av       27.6 mph max     139 av HR

574 Calories.

 So that was the easy part of my training day.

After work I was meeting Andy for our usual 6 mile coastal run, I cycled home first to see my mam and Dad who had been doing some paint stripping at our place ( Thanks !! ) and when they went I got back out on my bike to do another 10 miles out round Glasson Dock and Cockerham sands. By the time I pulled up outside Andys my legs were feeling it a bit.

A quick change of shoes and we were off on our run. My legs felt fine and I was suprised at how good a pace I was sustaining. Andy was pushing me along and we completed the course in our fastest time of 45:52.

A glass of water and an energy gel later and it was back on the bike for the 5 miles home. I was thinking to myself “why am I so hungry” as I was running along, and then it dawned on me that the last thing I’d eaten was a bowl of porridge at 1pm – not the brightest way to fuel hard training !!

So it was a good all round day especially my brick session. A brick session by the way is a back to back training session ie: bike then run.


Total Time : 1:44:36   21 miles   145 HR    1564 Calories

bike:    59:41    15miles    15  mph av    31.9 mph max

run:  45:52    6 miles     av pace 7:31    fastest mile: 7:09


5 responses to “Bricking it….

  1. You did better than me! I went out on the bike last night and managed to fall off twice! Ow! Still managed 90 mins tho. Decided I would do an hour before work this morning, which necessitates getting up at 5.30am, out at 6, home at 7, work for 8. No problem. Laid the kit out etc etc. Alarm goes off at 5.30am and do you know what? Its still pitch black at that time of the day! I lost my bike lights a couple of weeks ago (long story), so didn’t want to chance it. Turned over and went back to sleep till 7!!

    Will do the brick tomorrow – no training on a Tuesday cos Aunty duties are more important!

  2. How come you fell off then? Was it pedal trouble?

    Its getting light at about 7am here.

  3. Yeah – I was pootling around the lanes at the back of me which is great cos they are quite until you are mown down by (a) boy racer in small “hot” hatch or (b) mad farmer who appears to not know how long his tractor/trailer is!!

  4. just be careful eh. Hope your future rides aren’t as scary !!

  5. Great session that mate, remember to fuel yourself up! Although if you can do that without energy imagine what you could do with some energy!

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