Suprising myself…

We went up to my mam and dads for the weekend, good to catch up. Just pottered about and relaxed really, did a few jobs on the car and watched Happy Feet ( great film – yeah I know I’m a big kid ).

Me and my dad spent ages fitting a bike rack to my car, it wasn’t complicated, it was just bloody awkward and time consuming fitting all the straps, got it all in place and tightened up the last strap when one of the plastic locking nuts sheared off….so that was a trip to Tesco to change it !

I managed to get in a run in around the island, running along the channel in between Walney and Barrow it was very windy despite the glorious sunshine, up through North Scale and round to the west shore it was more sheltered. Then it was along the golf club onto biggar bank and the wonderful views out across the irish sea, I really miss running along walney – I guess I just used to take it for granted. Anyways I had every intention of it being an easyish run but I felt good so I kept pushing it to finish the 10k route in 43:53 which is I think my third or fourth fastest ever 1ok time. The others were all pbs and in races. I felt strong and fresh when I finished as well. If I’m running that well at the moment it bodes well for the races to come.

Hopefully I’ll keep suprising myself…..


Distance: 6.2 miles       Time: 43:53

Best pace: 4.35 min/mile    Av pace: 7:06     Av HR 157       Calories: 757


2 responses to “Suprising myself…

  1. Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap! :o)

  2. MTB has given Holgs the clap tee hee!

    Great run there mate!

    If you liked Happy Feet then you have gotta watch Flushed Away, it’s coming out on dvd very soon…me, Mrs V, and MTB went to the flicks to watch it and it was fab!

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