trying to keep up…

I slept in again yesterday morning so went to work in the car, John rang me and we agreed to go out on our bikes after work. So it was a mad dash home to get changed and rush back up to work to meet Andy and John. Don’t think I’ve ever covered the 3.5 miles in as quick a time as I did, as anyone who knows me will confirm I really hate being late, so it was apologies all round when I rolled up.

We did the usual low loop through Galgate, Thorton, Scorton and back. We threw a loop in around Glasson Dock and rode past Andys, which saw us waving at Pam, and Andy shouting for her to “Get the tea on luv”.

My riding position felt much better for adjusting the saddle but I suffered a bit with my legs especially my quads feeling a little sore, still got last sunday in them I think.

The rain never came down, it was just damp and overcast with lots of surface water on the roads. Andy and John had pulled ahead of me as we headed into Scorton and as they went past a drive way the land rover coming out saw them and paused. He must of thought that was it because as I came round the bend he almost ploughed straight into me, I’ve never unclipped so quickly in my life, the brakes slammed on and my feet skidded along the wet road as I screeched to a rather undignified halt sideways along side the tire of the landrover. The driver waved that he was sorry and went on his way, I should have looked at my heart rate monitor, it would have made for interesting reading!!

It was at that point that I lost the readings on my bike computer as well, the magnet had come out of line so the stats for this ride will just be rough. John said we’d done 35km at the end so that added to my 3.5 miles makes about 40km or 22 miles.

I found that I was riding up hills easier on this ride but Andy and especially John were still putting considerable distance into me. I’m happy with my progress and it was good to get out riding with them both, with the lighter nights I’m sure we’ll make it a more regular thing and I’ll just continue trying to keep up…..

 Rough Stats ( mostly taken from HRM )

Distance 40km       Time  1:41:37       133 Av HR     1282 Calories burnt


3 responses to “trying to keep up…

  1. With my ride to the Uni’ I believ I’d ridden 35km (21 miles) and checking on memory map we had done about 300m of climbing
    . It wasn’t a bad ride at all, but with being off the bike for a while I found it a bit ‘fast’.
    I’m sure that as the weight comes off the climbing will get easier

  2. yeah thats what I’m hoping as well.

  3. Blimey – be careful, its a jungle out there!

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