Slacking off….

I had every intention of going to work on my bike yesterday and getting an hour or so in before and after work….it didn’t happen.

My alarm went off at 6:30am, I turned it off and next thing I knew it was 8am ( the same happened today ), quick shower, brekkie and jump in the car. Another day of interviewing and I was shattered. Its really draining as you have to concentrate so much on what people are saying, but I do enjoy it.

I walked in and Em said how knackered I looked and how I’d be daft to go out, I listened, and to be honest I didn’t need much persuading. So feeling guilty for not training I adjusted my bike – pumped up the tires, levelled off the saddle, oiled the chain and gave it a quick spruce up.

Last time I was out with John, he’d noticed that my seat was pointing slightly down – its supposed to be completely level. Thats the thing with bikes the slightest thing out of place be it peddles, seat, handlebars and it could make your ride so much more uncomfortable and actually lead to injury, so better to be safe than sorry.

When I get chance I intend to take my bike into the local shop for a proper service, and get them to just double check the fitting for me – after all I’m probably going to spend more hours on it in the months to come than I am in my car.

Anyways hopefully I’ll rediscover my energy levels as I get towards the weekend and I’ll stop slacking off…


7 responses to “Slacking off….

  1. If it’s any consolation mate I have been the same this week. Still not managed a run/bike yet despite the warmer weather and lighter nights.

    Managed 1 swim and a few weights sessions so far. I have given myself a good slapping and promised myself I will get my arse in gear from today!

  2. Hopefully will get a swim and a run in today.

  3. I am in work until 6pm but the boys are training 6-7.30pm so I should get an hours run in around the rugby pitches – very boring but can watch them train while I train so it kills two birds with one stone.

    I saw my Liverpool pics this morning – I look like Shrek’s older, fatter, uglier, and scarier brother. Needless to say I won’t be buying any of them!

  4. mine aren’t on there yet, and I’m sure I’ll look a lot worse tahn you – especially at the finish.

  5. I couldn’t find mine – but then I’m not sure of my bib number either! Which site did you guys look on?

    I took my bike for a service last week Holgs – I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, but I was amazed at the difference – just felt so much smoother. They had tweeked the cables and generally given it the once over etc. Definitely worth doing.

  6. One or two degree slope either way is probably OK, your was much more which means you’re always sliding forwards. Colin at LeisureLakes (was Bicycle Magic) does a fitting service for, I think, £15. It’s probably worth it, even if you do end up spending money on bits. See you at 5:30.

  7. yeah I need to take mine in and get it sorted out. Yep will be there at about 5:30 for a nice ride in the rain.

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