On the path to recovery

I’ve always read that to get fitter, faster and build more endurance you have to constantly challenge your muscles. This fatigue enduced muscle fibre breakdown combined with rest and recovery helps yout to grow……well given the amount of muscle fatigue I’ve felt over the last two days I expect to have bloody big leg muscles by the end of the week.

stage 1 : The breakdown – well that came on sunday, with a physical jolt. Some would argue that the mental breakdown happened years ago, but my therapist says I’m cured.

stage 2: The rest – that was monday, and I wasn’t in any condition to do anything other than wince every time I sat down or went up and down stairs.

stage 3: The recovery – last nite, me and Andy both fresh ( yeah right ) from our weekend races decided to go out for a very gentle recovery run along the Lune estuary. I’d been interviewing all day and was knackered, my hamstrings were tight and I really wasn’t looking forward to it. Even admitted that to Em, which is unusual for me. Anyways I made Andy promise to take it easy with me, thankfully he did.

Plenty of stretching and off we went, the first few steps were very painful but after a couple of hundred metres we were shuffling along at a nice pace, talking about our races, future training, how well my mates had ran etc… I could feel the blister on my big toe though, unfortunately the plaster had come off and it was rubbing again. My garmin beeped at 2 miles and we turned round and headed back to complete 4 miles in 36:24, feeling ellated to have completed a run.

This morning when I got out of bed most of my stiffness had gone, obviously the muscle fibres are on the path to recovery….


2 responses to “On the path to recovery

  1. I’ve heard that too and am finally beginning to believe it!

    Quads slightly tight on Monday – after my 90 mins gentle bike, not a thing. Right as rain Tuesday. See Viking’s blog for the splits from Sun – check out the last 3 or 4 – no wonder I blew up at the finish line!! :o)

  2. You can’t beat that first session back after a hard race to get the stiffness out of your legs.

    Although in the past my first session back after a hard race has been 12 months after the actual race though!

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