Worth it…

My quads are nagging me, my hamstrings are tender, I have a very painful blood blister on the ball of my right foot, a huge blister on my left big toe and very bizzarely a bad friction burn on the inside of my right arm……..BUT……each one of these pains reminds me that 2 days ago I completed a half marathon, if I didn’t ache then maybe I just didn’t run hard enough.

I’ve never been one to subscribe to the “No pain, No gain” way of thinking, maybe thats why I’m overweight and will never be at the front of the field, but I know that these little aches mean I pushed as hard as I could and its my bodies way of saying ” I hurt today but it was worth it….”

I had a rest day monday, may go out tonight for a gentle plod, nothing silly just one foot in front of the other, training for the next time my body has to ache a little the next day !

Racing eh? It hurts but its worth it.


4 responses to “Worth it…

  1. Ow!!!

    I’m not as brave as you, ergo, very few aches and pains today.

    Managed a 90 min recovery bike last night – the whole time in the sunshine even after 5.30pm – bliss!

    Hope you are all healed up soon – a gentle plod today will help. :o)

  2. Just make sure it is a gentle jog though Holgs – I know you too well…as soon as you get those trainers on you become like a man possessed!

    Spoke to Ste this morning and he is in the same boat as Holgs leg/feet wise. But it was worth it!

  3. I think I got off lightly at Bath then, quads and hamstrings remind me I’ve been running, but that aside I’m Ok. It’s the drive to se family members in Bristol , Salisbury and then home that knackers me! StilL it’s well worth it.
    Are we out for a very gentle jog tonight then Holgs?

  4. yep, sounds good Mate, I’ll be at yours for 6 ish

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