Liverpool Half Marathon

I checked the time on my watch, my phone and everything else I could think of before going to bed, the clocks were going forward and some comedian had decided that the race would start at 9:30am – I was convinced I was going to turn up an hour late.

I got to Sefton Park in plenty of time, wandered towards the start and bumped straight into Jakesy and Fat Boy Slim. Next stop was the glamourous porta loos – thought I’d better go whilst there was no huge queues. Walked towards the rendez vous spot, myself, Viking and MTB were supposed to meet at 8:30. Got a text from Viking, MTB had slept through her alarm and they were running half an hour late, so just walked around, people watching – the slim, long limbed “proper” runners mingled with the very obvious scouse fun runners decked out in their freshly ironed Stevie G shirts and those well known running shoes, the Addidas Samba !

Eventually my mates turned up and we wandered over to the start area. At 9:15am we stripped off and handed our bags in ready for the 9:30am start. So I’m stood there in a vest and shorts when the announcer comes over the PA ” The start has been delayed for at least 15 minutes, try and stay warm people!” Oh bollocks !

Eventually I wish Viking and MTB well and go and line up in between the 1:30 and 1:45 markers. Why races have these is beyond me because the “fun” runners ignore it, I lost count of how many “large” and “old ” ladies I passed in the first mile walking along red faced in their various charity t-shirts.

I got into my running quite early on and felt comfortable, instantly though I know that it was going to be too hot for me today. I struggled for a while going down Upper Parliamnet St as we passed the first water station at about 4.5 miles but then seemed to get a second wind. My times were looking good through 8 and 9 miles when I started to really feel the blister on my right foot, bit of a boost as we passed the crowds again coming back to the park and then I just died between 11 miles and the finish. I think with the exception of the last 5 miles of the 2005 Blackpool Half ( where I had dehydration and heatstroke ) it was possible the slowest I have ever ran in a race.

Mile 11 -12 was all uphill and it was torture, my brain kept telling my legs to move because at that point I was on for a new pb of about 1:37 but my legs response was ” You’ve got to be bloody joking!” There was nothing left, as people passed me in their dozens.

I virtually crawled over the finish line but I was very pleased with my time of 1:44:33. I said that I was originally aiming for under 1:50. Which isn’t bad at all considering that 6 weeks ago I wasn’t runing because of an injury.

I collected my gear, dranks lots of water and waiting for Viking and MTB. They finished in a very respectable 1:59. They told stories of there being no water at the stations when they got there – unbelievable that, and no excuse for it !

So I ‘m very pleased with my return to racing, but boy am I stiff today.

Congratualtions to everyone else that ran, and to my training partner Andy H who completed the Bath half marathon in 1:45:07.


13.1 miles     1:44:33       Av Hr 168      Calories: 1984

Av pace: 8:08  best pace: 5:15

Heres the breakdown of mile splits, garmin lost the satelite at times so these are rough:

1.  7:18       2.  7:32      3.   6:47     4.  7:16    5.   6:27      6: 8:33   7.  7:14

8.   7:47      9. 8:36     10.   8:24    11. 9:19     12: 12:08   13: 14.01

The last couple of miles show that I really need to work on my stamina and fitness, but as I said I’m really pleased with my comeback race.


6 responses to “Liverpool Half Marathon

  1. Dunno about your stamina mate – that hill at mile 10.5 finished everyone off – even Jaksey struggled with it! You had a storming run and it was lovely to see you there.

    I seem to have caught the sun on my face a bit so there’s a good side to everything!!

  2. yeah I had to put aftersun on when I got home, my face was burnt.

    It was a very tough hill indeed….

    I enjoyed it though, but my quads are killing me today !!

  3. You had a great run Holgs, was good to see you yesterday. Take it easy for a few days until the legs are recovered!

  4. Oh and forgot to say – you are sooooo dead when I get my hands on you…I don’t know how you have done it but you will pay for it!

  5. He’s refering to the little comment you get when you click on the link to his blog from mine… Mulder once said “The Truth is out there”

  6. Well run Andy, it’s a great time on barely 6 weeks training. I really enjoyed Bath although I must admit was a bit apprehensve about it being two laps. If anything I think that it helped especially with pace judgement. The start was choked and it took nearly 3 minutes to cross the line and like you, it was difficult to get a clear run (even at my modest pace) and it was annoying to be struggling to find a way around people who were walking after 2 miles! I didn’t see the 1 mile mark but found a bit of space to run in and got through 2 miles in 17.15. After that it was steady 8 minute miling all the way and finished OK in 1.45.07 in my first half for about 9 years.

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