Preparation is the key…

Last year I ran the Liverpool Half marathon in a pb time of 1:40:23 ( I was a lot fitter then ) which was a miracle considering…..the night before I went to get my racing kit out of the car and discovered that it was back at home in Lancaster ! Luckily I had left a pair of shorts and a technical t-shirt at Em’s mams, and in the boot of my car was a brand new still in the box pair of NB running shoes. So with my make shift gear, and unbroken in shoes I ran a pb….had some seriously bruised feet by the end of it though.

 This year although it being a late entry I’m better prepared. I packed all my racing gear last night, its in the boot of the car with my running shoes, this year I’m going to be comfortable. But as I was packing I was thinking bloody hell what a lot of gear for one race :

Asics running shoes, Barrow Striders club vest, thermal, shorts, t-shirt, rain jacket, tracksuit bottoms, running tights, Garmin gps, Polar HRM, Plasters, Body Glide, socks, number, safety pins, water bottle and electrolyte drink, high 5 gel, gloves, face protection balm ( thats Ems insistance – she says I get wind burnt when I run.)

I’ve taken less stuff on a two week holiday !! Am I the only one who does this?

Oh well they say preparation is the key…


9 responses to “Preparation is the key…

  1. Get a smaller car… Less space to fill !

    Bit like software designers, always write enough code to fill the available memory

  2. Oh no; I shall be wearing bra top, base layer, Wrecsam Tri vest, old throw away T shirt, bin bag, running tights n shoes to hang around in. In my kit bag will be two bottles pop, various energy gels, complete change of clothes for afterwards (joggies, bra, knicks, socks, t shirt, sweatshirt, gilet, crocs) , safety pins, nurofen, deep heat, deep freeze, plasters and vaseline. These last few items live in the bag, along with shower gel, moisturiser, glasses case, comb, hair band, contact lenses case and fluid, MP3 player, hair clio, keys and money. I’ll also have my Garmin and my Polar HRM. Gloves, buff and bandy thing to keep my ears warm.

    Take up running they say – you only need a pair of shoes… :o)

  3. Eh – WTF is that sneaky little post above mine?!?!

  4. its been deleted as spam.

  5. For the Bath half on Sunday I intend taking all of the above plus a campaign bed, collapsable canvass sink, a field kitchen an a team of native bearers. It pays to travel light!

  6. ha ha they obviously helped you run fast.

  7. Well, going by your result, you did somat right Holgs!!

    Needless to say Viking nearly killed me. Again!

  8. Who me?

  9. send us the link to your blog Viking….

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